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Election Night

Election Night

By Sean Culligan


Because whether the night leads you to celebration or to an Irish wake, we’re all going to need a stiff drink.

By Sean Culligan

You deserve a medal. Truly. This election — one of the most divisive in history — has been as tough on voters as on the candidates. You had to work your ass off to stay informed throughout months of email hacks, salacious scandals, Twitter wars, fictional facts and insufferable debates, while your news feed gave the megaphone to whomever was ranting loudest.

Yet you know your vote is incredibly important, so once you cast that ballot (thank you!) we think you deserve a breath of fresh air. For election night results, you could suffer through more he said/she said, red/blue maps and breaking news banners for every tweet. Or …

As your reward for good behavior, why not get the intelligence you crave, served up deliciously, in a fabulous environment, with some of the most interesting people on the planet? In other words: Forget the same-old, same-old election night coverage — come join the OZY + WIRED election night cocktail party! 

Stay nasty. Stay deplorable. And #StayInteresting.

Instead of broadcasting from a sterile studio, we’ll be at one of the hottest restaurants in Washington, D.C. — Busboys and Poets — and live-streaming on OZY.com, WIRED.com and Facebook. Instead of endlessly repeated talking points, join us for a fresh, fascinating conversation with dozens of the most interesting thinkers, politicos, entertainers, musicians and comedians. You’ll still find out about the night’s winners and losers in real time, but as for where we go from here, you’ll be months ahead of the curve. And you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

Featuring Senator John McCain, Patti Solis Doyle, Jim Messina, Congressman Joe Kennedy, Kellyanne Conway and former Director of the CIA, John McLaughlin, as well as Chance (The Rapper) and Danai Gurira of the Walking Dead – you can think of the coverage as CNN meets SNL. 

Tuesday, starting at 6 p.m. ET on OZY.com, WIRED.com and Facebook

Every party is more fun with friends! Invite yours to join you for an unforgettable night.

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Why OZY? We’re consistently focused on the new and the next, so our readers learned about rising political stars Tulsi Gabbard and Nikki Haley months before theNew York Times and The Economist covered them, along with dozens of up-and-comers who have yet to be discovered by the mass media. OZY TV watchers learned the strategic lessons of the most consequential presidential campaigns of the past 50 years on THE CONTENDERS — 16 FOR ’16 documentary series, and OZY Fusion Fest visitors got smarter sooner with the vastly different but consistently thought-provoking perspectives of Karl Rove, Cory Booker, Malcolm Gladwell, Broad City’s Abbie Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and Will.i.am. 

Why WIRED? With its focus on technology and the future, President Barack Obama chose the magazine as the perfect forum to discuss the next hurdles that humanity will need to overcome to move forward, choosing to guest-edit this month’s issue. 

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