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DJs At Your Party-Rockin’ Service

DJs At Your Party-Rockin’ Service

By Datwon Thomas



Because you’ll want your holiday house party playlist to rock like it’s 2099. Live!

By Datwon Thomas

When it comes to getting a party started the Number One worry is “Who’s the DJ?” That’s right, outside of venue and booze and the decision to charge people a cover, it all boils down to the music. The creators of the new streaming site/app, Mixify, have got it solved for you.

The Brooklyn, New York based company, created in 2012, is all about serving up the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) experience to wherever you are from wherever the DJ is — even if the DJ isn’t there live. Get it? Top tier DJs and growing-in-status jockeys can stream their awesome sets live (like even right now as you read this) or upload sets for you to check out at a later date in the site’s archives section.

Having this library of virtual sound offers up hundreds of choices in the EDM genres, spanning House, Drum & Bass, Electro, Dubstep, Hard Dance, Open Format and more. Mixes range from one particular track to hours-long sets, freeing up time to cook for the family and practice your dance moves – all while getting dressed and charging up your holiday cheer mode.

Just logging onto the site gets you the playlists for free, but you can also take your experience to different levels with premium and custom pricing options that allow you to upload mixes and set up your own Mixify page with ads, special effects and promotions, for anywhere from $9.99 to $29.99 a month.

Jumping around your house to the sounds of majors hitters like The Crystal Method and open format shaker Carnage is where Mixify’s true virtue shines. But they go even bigger than your living room. The service links up with music festivals to showcase remote DJs, creating virtual, worldwide dance experiences. Last week on December 18th, Mixify joined with the Unity 2 festival to live stream DJ mixes for a UNICEF fundraiser benefiting the Philippines disaster relief fund. DJs from all over the world – like Will Sparks of Australia with an hour-long open format set and the Chocolate Puma duo from Amsterdam with a head-nodding House mix – provided playlists to get the audio audience hyped. You can still listen to the playlists and share them around the Web.

For all you club-hoppers out there, they’ve also got a way-out-there program where DJs are beamed in from remote locations to perform at actual clubs — live via Mixify’s Clubcast system. So a brick and mortar venue can set up a screen to show the paying clubgoer the remote DJ, rocking and shouting out various people in the crowd. Now that’s high-tech party rockin’!

There’s also a live chatting ability that lets anyone listening in chat with the DJ and others while grooving along. It keeps the listener engaged even if you’re watching the DJ perform from a smaller laptop screen, although early testers from the DJ community want even more crowd feedback that they can use to gauge their next move.

Mixify has a bunch of other features like headphone reviews, show contests, DJ lesson giveaways and such, but it’s the networking ability and social gathering aspect that makes the service a goldmine for finding just the right mix for your holiday music fix.

So fire up the laptop and let the good times roll for the holidays. Your guests will love you even more for turning Grandma’s house into Club Ibiza for the night.

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