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Because you can still have more class than a full-time student.

By Nat Roe

It’s that time of year. The time when you wake from deep slumbers with night terrors of your collegiate glory days. The lingering chant—“Keg stand, keg stand”— teases your cochleas, reminding you that it’s a nine-to-five waiting for you, not a tailgate. But have no fear. When you’re feeling down and out, we have a solution for you. Enter the Chambong.

A marriage between a champagne flute and a beer bong, the Chambong is for classy “adults” who’d rather drink, well, champagne. If you’re out to relive your glory days, but don’t want to chug beer or contract disease via plastic beer bong (what East Coasters call a beer funnel, for those of you out there protesting our verbiage), the Chambong is the answer. More calmly put, it’s a way to drink champagne, very quickly. But a word to the wise, the twisted flute will shoot the champagne out the bottom end of the glass or your nose if you aren’t careful, as our OZY testers found out. As Jafar once said in Aladdin, “Patience, Iago.”

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