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Can Freshly Pleasured Couples Please America?

Can Freshly Pleasured Couples Please America?

By Barbara Fletcher

Sex. In a Box. On TV.


Because who is not going to tune in to a show where everyday people decide to have sex on national TV?

By Barbara Fletcher

Here’s a somewhat titillating — or perhaps squirm-inducing — premise for a TV show: Three couples each have a quick interview with the host and then scamper off to a soundproof, private box onstage. To have sex. While they are getting busy, a panel of sex experts confabulate about … well … sex.

When a sexed-up couple emerges from the sex box, the experts fire off questions — often very direct ones — about what they were up to inside and how they’re feeling about their relationship. The idea is that in the warm, post-coitus glow, the lovestruck couples will feel more comfortable to dish on the more intimate details of their lives.

Sex Box: It’s WE tv’s own version of the controversial British show — about the “real sex lives of people” — in the works for an upcoming season. 

The original program, which aired in the U.K. last fall, brought on sex partners from a variety of ages and backgrounds: heterosexual and homosexual, young and middle-aged, able-bodied and wheelchair-bound. While sometimes a little flustered by the blush-inducing questions, for the most part the freshly pleasured couples gave frank and honest responses.


The animated panel, who also dispensed relationship advice and nuggets of sexpertise, seemed to enjoy it. As did the viewing audience: While some called it “weird” or “awkward,” the show attracted more than 900,000 viewers — a 5.7 percent viewing audience share and “relative hit.”

America has already demonstrated a voracious appetite for Brit TV, but how will this edgy show fare? WE tv, known for its unscripted programming — like Marriage Bootcamp and Braxton Family Values — must be expecting a good viewer tune-in: They signed on for nine episodes in early 2015. And with the cable network available in 85 million homes across America, there’s bound to be someone watching. At least for the first curious episode.

… seeking to ‘reclaim sex from porn’ and get the nation talking about what real sex is like.

Sex Box is one of the most unique and compelling show concepts we’ve ever seen” said WE tv president Marc Juris, in the recent press release. It’s being billed as an “extreme therapy reality concept.”

The U.K. show, which was also broadcast in Australia this summer, was shown as part of Channel 4’s Campaign for Real Sex: programs seeking to “reclaim sex from porn” and get the nation talking about what real sex is like in bedrooms across the country. 

So, will Sex Box get the American population talking about copulation? 

To get the conversation going, comedian Danielle Stewart, known for her straight-up takes on sex and relationships — and popular frank sex advice videos on YouTube — has been pegged to host. The Sex Box panel includes Beverly Hills relationship psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish and international sex and relationship expert (and no stranger to TV) Dr. Chris Donaghue. The completing member of the sexpert trio is a curious addition: Florida pastor, gospel singer and ministries founder Dr. Yvonne Capehart.

Who knows what will happen when viewers this side of the Atlantic get their first look at real-live couples having real-life sex in a box onstage while experts fervently discuss the nuances of nookie.

For now, you can watch the first U.K. episode here:


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