Beirut's Favorite Shot: The 'Dou Dou' - OZY | A Modern Media Company


Because everyone can use a shot of liquid courage.

By Charlotte Buchen

Part of an OZY original video series From Beirut, With Love.

Ask any Lebanese person under the age of 35 and they will wax poetic about their lost youth, clubbing in Beirut and taking lots (and lots) of “dou dou” shots, a mysteriously popular vodka concoction. No one seems to know where the name comes from, or how it all began, but my theory is that the Lebanese taste for sour and spicy factored into the creation of this shot by some Beiruti bartender in the past decade or two. In this video, bartender Michel Khairallah demonstrates how its done.

Additional video and editing by Elie Khadra.

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