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An Ode to Emily on 'Revenge'

An Ode to Emily on 'Revenge'

By Lorena O'Neil


In season four, Revenge is returning with a game changer: the real Amanda Clarke. So what’s going to happen to Emily? Caution: Spoilers ahead!

By Lorena O'Neil

Is there any fuel as effective as vengeance for propelling one forward in life?

Well, of course there is, but it’s far less fun to watch. 

Sunday night soap drama Revenge on ABC is The Count of Monte Cristo meets the Hamptons, with kick-ass women taking turns manipulating everyone in attacks and counterattacks. Emily Thorne, as played by actress Emily VanCamp, is the main character, seeking revenge on everyone who used her innocent father (David Clarke) as a scapegoat for a terrorist attack 20 years ago.


Except she’s not really Emily Thorne — she’s Amanda Clarke. She has to use the name Emily as a cover so people don’t know her connection to David — it’s all part of her revengenda.

Until now.

“This year, Emily has the opportunity to come out as Amanda Clarke,” said executive producer Aaron Harberts. The thing is, I’ve become really attached to Emily Thorne.

Season four of Revenge will premiere Sunday, Sept. 28, on ABC.

If you haven’t caught on already, this is a show with many twisty turns. So many, in fact, that some people scoff at the soap opera quality of the dramatic surprise endings during not only season finales but many episodes. However, if, like me, you enjoy a good dose of drama and evil-bitch looks in your television shows, then stop what you’re doing now and go catch up on Netflix or Hulu.

Be warned: Ahead you’ll find many a casual reference to key, juicy plot points. For those of you who will still yell at me, let me make it crystal clear: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Emily is the kind of gal who ruins peoples lives if she thinks they had a part in her father’s takedown. Her face-offs with Victoria Grayson are beyond epic, and last season’s finale with Emily finding a way to get Victoria committed to an insane aslyum was one of my favorite TV finales to date.

That’s not even taking into account the chemistry she has with ex-husband Daniel Grayson, whom she made fall in love with her, then tricked into marrying her and subsequently battled with as they made each other’s lives miserable. In contrast, when Emily returns to her Amanda Clarke life she will inevitably have a love storyline with her childhood crush, Jack Porter — and their chemistry is a snooze-freaking-fest.

I’m hoping Emily “coming out” as Amanda will still leave us with plenty of Emily-like plotting and badass fight scenes like the one she had with “the White-Haired Man.” One of her greatest fight scenes was against her mentor’s daughter and lover’s ex, Niko. Considering this was her reaction when Aiden — her on-again, off-again fiancé and partner in crime — was merely threatened, we can’t imagine what Emily will do now that he’s been killed. The writers can’t let go of unforgiving Emily entirely just yet; she definitely has some fight left. After all, her revengenda isn’t done, it’s just shifted.

In the first season, Emily told her now-bestie Nolan Ross — one of the best characters on the series — that Amanda Clarke is dead. We know that’s not completely true, given all of the recent revelations — including one Daddy-sized one from the season three finale — so here’s hoping that as Emily figures out how to become Amanda she still channels the kick-ass woman who has been dominating the Hamptons for the past three years.

Make Takeda proud, Ems.


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