All Hail Von Miller's Glasses

All Hail Von Miller's Glasses

By Nat Roe


Just eye a pair of these. 

By Nat Roe

There’s more to Von Miller than meets the eye. For one thing, this 250-pound Denver Broncos star actually uses his college degree. Yep, the poultry science grad from Texas A&M raises a flock of chickens in his chicken coop. Whoomp! (Or, rather, coop! There it is.) Then there’s his uncanny ability to steal the show — like winning Super Bowl 50’s MVP award, or taking it a one, two step further when he fox-trotted across the stage on Dancing With the Stars.

But the thing that surprises us most is that this pro athlete has trouble looking in the mirror. No, he’s not embarrassed by his infamous sideline celebrations. Miller is pretty much blind as a bat: His vision is 20/475 in one eye and 20/500 in the other. 

Some of his thick gogglelike spectacles include flashy gold-plated frames and vintage glass from 20 or even 30 years back. 

While most athletes would opt for one of the many groundbreaking surgeries now available, Miller has turned his lack of sight into his signature statement. “I love wearing my glasses!” Miller wrote to OZY. “One reason people may recognize me more quickly than another professional athlete is because of the trademark glasses I wear.”

Indeed, the sixth-season NFL linebacker is a style visionary — even if he can barely see. Check him out on TV or in sports mags, and you may catch any one of the hundreds of pairs of prescription glasses and sunglasses he says he owns. Some of his thick gogglelike spectacles include flashy gold-plated frames and vintage glass from 20 or even 30 years back. And it doesn’t stop there. You might spot him in tortoiseshell or carbon-black frames on the street, or bolder bifocals that boast hues of reds and yellows. He travels with a full case of glasses and picks the pair he’s “feeling” that day or best works with his outfit. On game day, though, Von suits up sans glasses.

Miller tells us he has something in the works so fans can capture his style …

If you’re trying to be like Miller with your frames, good luck. He tells us he has something in the works so fans can capture his style, but to stay tuned for any formal announcements. Meantime, OZY suggests checking out Warby Parker for what we think look like similar pairs. Thick rims are a must, and it has plenty. Or maybe you’re looking for a unique design. If that’s the case, check out Vint & York, which features frames inspired by the 1920s with names like the Zelda, Spiffy and Baby Grand. But if you’re really looking to take your lens wear to the next level, then there’s a luxe option via Article One. Its glasses hold a price tag upward of $250, but with an Italian handmade guarantee, we’ll take ’em.

Unlike too many celebrities out there, Miller doesn’t hoard his A-1 stash just for himself. He has taken his geek-chic look to low-income children in Denver through his charity, Von’s Vision, founded in 2012. The foundation links local education groups such as STRIVE prep with vision benefits companies, including VSP Global, in order to provide free vision screenings, eye exams and eyewear to students in Denver. Just like Miller, children can choose from unconventional colors and frames so that they too can elevate their eyewear from corrective to custom. Once the prescriptions are cut, Miller personally fits the funky frames to their owners at his Von Vision Day Reveal Party. In 2017, the charity aims to help more than 2,000 Denver-area students.