A Smart Pepper Spray That Calls the Cops for You

A Smart Pepper Spray That Calls the Cops for You

By Lorena O'Neil



Allow us to introduce you to a smartphone-linked device that pepper sprays an attacker, snaps his picture and contacts 911 on your behalf.

By Lorena O'Neil

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the pocket-sized Defender!

Muggers looking to mug the smartphone crowd may need to look elsewhere come next year. A new pepper spray device is in the works and it has some fan-cy (and also helpful) properties. The Defender is a smartphone-linked pepper spray device — the product is still in the design phase, but its makers have already raised $211,000 on Indiegogo.

That’s right: smart pepper spray.

When the Defender is activated by the push of a button, the device deploys the pepper spray, takes a picture of your attacker and connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth. It then sends the photo and your GPS location to a “24/7 monitoring service,” which in turn contacts local 911 centers, alerting them to your distress. That’s right: smart pepper spray.

The Defender also has an oscillating flash with a siren and speaker to draw attention and reach out to anyone in your immediate vicinity. The small device will work with iOS and Android, and just needs a Wi-Fi or cellular signal to connect.

The website boasts that the product will have “the highest concentration of pepper spray available to law enforcement” — just in case you were concerned that the spray would not hurt your assailant enough. The Indiegogo offer sells the Defender for $159, which includes one year of monitoring. The developers say this device can double as a safety and medical alert service by using a different button. It would work in essentially the same way, alerting a monitoring service that then notifies medical authorities.

While the product has reached its financial support goal already, it is yet to be determined when we will actually see one of these bad boys in action. The first products are expected this December, just in time for fully armed, late-night holiday shopping.

Because what says Christmas more than a camera slash pepper spray slash monitoring system?