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A New Indie Star on the Horizon

A New Indie Star on the Horizon

By Jasmina Cuevas

Melanie Fiona performing at the 2012 BET awards.
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Because she doesn’t need a label to back her up. Her heartbreaking, soul-stirring vocals are all the support she needs.

By Jasmina Cuevas

You didn’t know about Beyoncé before she happened. But you should probably know about Melanie Fiona.

Melanie Fiona is no longer signed to SRC/Universal Records, her recording home since 2007, but that hasn’t put a stop to the Toronto native’s ever-so-blooming career. The newly indie singer has embraced her worth and decided to take a stab at being her own boss.

Fiona’s been more overlooked than somebody with her talent should be. Constantly placed in a competition with Rihanna and Beyoncé, it always seemed like she wasn’t “sexy” enough or ”mainstream” material in order to catch everyone’s attention. But tracks like ”Wrong Side of a Love Song” and ”4AM,” should speak for themselves.

Plus, the girl can kill a cover of just about any song she wants to, just a trip on Youtube will unveil her glorious homemade takes on songs like Drake’s ”Started From the Bottom” and Amy Winehouse’s ”Wake Up Alone.” In most eyes, Fiona is the perfect artist. But many have yet to catch on.

It seems that people still need convincing that the the two-time Grammy winner (Best Traditional R&B Performance & Best R&B Song, both for “Fool for You” featuring Cee-Lo Green) is worthy of their time. Now that she can create the flavor of music she desires, Fiona will be giving listeners an earful of what she wasn’t able to offer before — and plenty of it for free! Take her first track as an indie artist and a fan favorite, ”Cold Piece”: She is off to a good start. And Pepsi and Complex magazine seem to agree — they bankrolled the video without Fiona lifting one finger.

Never truly a supporter of being a product of a label, Fiona has expressed more than once that she is fully confident that she will be able to handle whatever is thrown at her as an indie artist. If she does it right, she’ll fall in line with the likes of Danny Brown and Kendrick Lamar.

In the meantime? Watch as the beautiful songbird slays her hit “It Kills Me” in the pain-ripping acoustic style for Billboard.


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