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A Diamond Cuff to Make Your Ears Ring

A Diamond Cuff to Make Your Ears Ring

By Shannon Sims


Because solitaires are boring. 

By Shannon Sims

Hollywood’s top personal shopper, Nicole Pollard, tells OZY what high-high-high-end clients are requesting for the holidays.

Sometimes, despite all our quirks and differences, there is one common desire. World peace, yes. But maybe half of us, it’s something else: solitaire diamond earrings. Though the stone may vary in size and veracity, it’s a globally consistent, conservatively classy look — and a supersafe present. It’s the congratulatory graduation gift. The home run Valentine’s Day present. And the upgradable standard penciled onto many holiday wish lists. But what if you’ve got loads of cash and have a trendsetter on your gift list? Here are three little words: diamond ear cuff.

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Sophie Billie Brahe ear cuff, a cool $6,900.

Source Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Imagine if a pair of solitaires got together on just one ear, and bred. The result? A trail of diamonds, like a comet’s stardust, arcing down the ear and glittering across the lobe. It’s a massive display of wattage, one that would make anyone want to pull her hair back. The diamond ear cuff is the must-have jewelery piece this season, says Pollard. But all that bling will cost you, obviously. The high-end holy grail is an 18-karat gold and diamond ear cuff by Sophie Billie Brahe, at the pretty price of $6,900. 

It’s that imbalance of bare and bejeweled lobes that makes the look.

The good news: You only need one glittery cuff to capture the style. In fact, it’s that imbalance of bare and bejeweled lobes that makes the look. At this year’s Paris Fashion Week, Pollard noticed diamond cuffs on everyone from Vogue editors to Neiman Marcus buyers — major players whose job is to keep their ear to the ground of upcoming fashion trends. Which is easy to do when you’ve got that many carats weighing you down.

But for those who don’t want to spend half a year’s rent on a single earring, there’s a less sacrificial option: the Happy Way Jewelry Swarovski ear cuff, available from the crafty website Etsy. You can pick up a pair for $28, which means you can split them up and give one to your bestie, so you’ll both wear the flair. After all, it’s the boldness of the style — sporting just one earring, with or without real diamonds — that is the real takeaway. Great news for those of us who tend to drop our earrings down the sink drain, leaving beautiful orphaned singles without a partner. This holiday season, they’re the ones who’ll be shining.


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