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3...2...1 Your OZY Countdown to a Great Weekend: August 24, 2018

Rachel Brosnahan in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

3...2...1 Your OZY Countdown to a Great Weekend: August 24, 2018

By OZY Editors


The Weekender is a special collaboration between OZY Tribe members near and far to provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time. 

By OZY Editors


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — The Funniest Broad in New York. The first season of this Amazon original was a breath of whatever’s fresher than fresh air: perfectly styled 1950s Manhattan realness, the underappreciated Rachel Brosnahan in a tailor-made role as a housewife turned stand-up comedian and sharp, snappy dialogue throughout, courtesy of creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, of Gilmore Girls. The show is returning for a second season, though the air date has yet to be announced, so now is the time to catch up by bingeing on the first 10 episodes. Remember how everyone swooned over the visual stylings of Mad Men? This is the new that, but with more jokes and even more feminism. (Recommended by Leslie dela Vega, Visuals Genius)

The Same Sky — Cold War Intrigue. Yes, we’re all still in mourning for The Americans, but it’s not the only Cold War drama out there. Set in Berlin in the 1970s, The Same Sky, a German miniseries available on Netflix, follows characters on both sides of the Berlin Wall as they plot and plan for an uncertain future. If you’re into the early Bourne movies, this has the same breakneck pace, and with only six episodes you can inhale it all in one “sick day” afternoon … and you will. As with any good spy drama, even the moments that seem calm are vibrating with subtext. (Recommended by Carlos Watson, Fearless Leader) 

McFarland, USA — A Real Sob Story. None of us is any stranger to crying over sports games (don’t give up, Gareth Southgate!), but this overlooked 2015 film, streaming on Amazon or available on DVD, is a masterwork of the genre. Think To Sir, With Love meets Remember the Titans: Kevin Costner leads a ragtag high school cross-country team of mostly immigrant kids in whom nobody much believed in. It’s based on the real-life story of Jim White and the McFarland High team of 1987, and how they learned to trust each other and become champions. Literally starting to cry while typing this. Shut up, you’re JUST A MOVIE. (Recommended by Charu Sudan Kasturi, Physicist-Turned-Editor Extraordinaire).


ZigZag — Sisters Getting It Done. The podcast’s honesty and openness is wonderfully refreshing. It’s not tap-dancing around some big theme that’s hard to grasp, like being told to “follow your dreams” when you’re paying $2,000 a month to rent a trash studio. Instead of talking about what a woman should do, Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant invite listeners to join them as they leave their steady jobs to become entrepreneurs — the media company they launched is called Stable Genius Productions — in real time as the podcast is being produced. 

ZigZag is slick, with interviews, phone calls, drunken voicemails and sit-down meetings woven together. You get to share the journey with Zomorodi and Poyant — the ups and downs, the messiness, their knowledge and knowledge gaps, their experiences and anxieties as they launch Stable Genius. (Recommended by Natalie Roe, Future of Video)

Don’t @ Me — Hollywood Outsiders Looking In. Justin Simien, creator of Dear White People, is the host of this snappy, earnest podcast that involves him interviewing Hollywood up-and-comers like Lena Waithe (Simien’s BFF) and Barry Jenkins, the director and co-writer of Moonlight. 

Simien’s conversations go deep, spill tea and deconstruct what it means to be an outlier in Hollywood, whether due to gender, sexuality or race. The episodes are equal parts Hollywood how-tos and deep emotional conversations between host and guests, in what Simien has described as a safe space to discuss their lives and thoughts without the interruptions from strangers endemic to platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 

Waithe and Jenkins are among the best-known guests, but some of our favorite conversations have been with folks who are still struggling to gain recognition in the industry, like Dime Davis and Marque Richardson. (Recommended by Marion Cunningham, Production Powerhouse) 

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Fog Point Vodka


Fog Point Vodka — Not to Be Mist. Meet Karl the Fog, the name given to San Francisco’s signature murkiness. OK, now that you’ve been introduced, prepare to drink … Karl the Fog? That’s the pitch of Fog Point vodka, which uses fog catchers — invented to distill fog into a potable drinking source for needy, drought-beset communities — to collect water from the fog, which is then used to make the liquor. 

French wines, with their focus on terroir, let you taste a place. That’s also the aim of Fog Point: Taste San Francisco for a mere $134 per bottle. The Hangar 1 distillery in Alameda, California, which is housed on a former naval base, holds tastings one Sunday a month that allow you to sip the stuff, which this year is mixed with vodka distilled from a Napa Valley chenin blanc–viognier. Like everything in San Francisco, this stuff is expensive, but it’s a good way to remember the city (or a great gift for a California transplant missing the Bay).

The absolute best way to enjoy it, though, would be in the San Francisco airport, where you’re most likely to be hemmed in and delayed by Karl the Fog. Get your revenge by literally drinking him while you wait — and as a bonus, you’ll already have that I’m-in-an-airport-so-money-isn’t-real feeling, and the price won’t seem so steep. (Recommended by Anne Muscarella, Professional Long-Weekender) 

And whatever you do, don’t do this …

Accidentally get married. Actors Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves may have gotten real-life married unknowingly while filming a scene in the 1992 adaptation of Dracula, according to Ryder and director Francis Ford Coppola. Coppola apparently insisted on an actual Greek Orthodox ceremony with an actual priest on set to up the realism, and Ryder admitted this week that she’s still not sure if the pair, who are not a couple, are legally wed. (The Guardian). 

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