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23 Father's Day Gift Ideas for All the Dads in Your Life


23 Father's Day Gift Ideas for All the Dads in Your Life

By Juliana Stock


Because it's the one day you get to celebrate Dad for always being there.

Juliana Stock

Juliana Stock

The Gifting Whisperer: Today is a gift — that's why it's called the present. This column helps you make the most of all your gift-giving opportunities.

Not to be a downer, but Father’s Day has been a mixed bag for me ever since my Dad passed away in 1997. It got substantially more meaningful, however, after I had children. Since then, I’ve been able to celebrate my significant other and see how excited my kids get making presents for him. I think my husband and ex-husband have received more than one decorative picture frame and snow globe, and I vaguely recall a fishing pole made from popsicle sticks. 

Now that my kids are 17 and 19 (almost 20), we don’t always have the same grand celebrations. Homemade gifts and cards are things of the past, but that doesn’t mean I can’t shop!

Here are some ideas (starting at $12.99) to pique the interests/needs of the Pops in your life. 

1. The New Dad

If he’s new to fatherhood, he may not realize yet that his privacy and having his own “stuff” is kind of done … at least until the kids can serve themselves a bowl of cereal untended. Give him a place to keep his secret stash and extra cash (they even have one with a built-in flask). Secret Storage Books have “titles” for men as well as vintage titles if he wants to have it hide in plain sight but not be an eyesore (starting at $22).

Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 7.46.50 PM

2. The Work-From-Home Dad

Working from home (especially for those new to it) can be a pain in the neck — but it doesn’t have to be. There are a bunch of massagers that are portable and lay right on top of your existing chair, like this massage cushion from HoMedics ($69.99). It’s a shiatsu back and neck massager, complete with heat. 

For a smaller (and slightly less expensive) option that still packs a punch, Papillon has this cushion, which also offers the healing power of heat ($39.99).

3. The Retired Dad

If your Dad is no longer doing the daily grind but likes to keep busy, check out MasterClass. I’m a huge fan and so is my husband (my son even did the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass). With classes covering everything from sports to leadership to food to the creative arts and so much more, there is truly something for everyone and then some. 

Want to take a toe-in-the-water approach to mind expansion at home? Think about a set to learn how to play the harmonica, like this one ($14.99).

4. The Dad Who Is Also a Granddad

Sorry in advance, but this combo calls for a homemade gift 2.0. Get out your proverbial director’s chair and make a home movie just for Pops. Still a novice at making videos? Check out Apple Clips. Not new to the director’s chair? Try FiLMiC.

5. The Gourmand and/or Mixologist Dad

How to find the perfect gift for the Dad who has a well-developed palate? What rarely fails to please? CHEESE! Gift baskets from the world famous Murray’s Cheese Shop (starting at $35, plus shipping). I’m also a huge fan of monthly subscription services. If you’re looking for something that shows continuous appreciation, check out Mantry (starting at $75). 

Taster’s Club is a spirits subscription you can customize to suit Dad’s taste — rum, tequila, gin, wine … you name it. Or you can mix it up so the delivery varies every month (gift options start at three months, $58 per month).

6. The Outdoorsman Dad

Granted, we’re not getting outside much these days, which is probably a major bummer for Dad. Still, nature beckons and when he can head back into the great outdoors, he’ll be ready thanks to BattlBox. It’s a prepaid, monthly subscription service packing a variety of adventure, survival and EDC gear into each gift (options start at six months, $29.99 a month). 

7. The Dad Who Is Missing His Golf Partners and Sports Buddies

Although some courses have reopened, in certain areas social distancing remains fully in effect. For the Dad whose socializing happens on the green, this may be a particularly difficult time. Enter: The Golf Club. The father figure in your life can play the PGA Tour, opt for multiplayer mode, or build and share course creations. Available for PlayStation, XBox and PC (up to four players for $49.99). 

Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 7.43.32 PM

LZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return

If Dad is not the gamer type, the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return set could be just the thing to bide his time before getting back to the real thing (sets start at $49.99). 

It’s totally baseball season (except that it will be a half season with no fans allowed). Ken Burns’ Baseball ($59.99) could be just the thing to scratch that nostalgia itch, and if he’s already has seen it, check out The Tenth Inning, also from the master filmmaker ($14.99). 

8. The Swanky Dresser Dad

This was my Dad: hand-tailored suits, pocket squares coordinated with his tie, Turnbull & Asser shirts with double cuffs and Tiffany cufflinks. Back then, I could maybe afford the cost of a single shirt sleeve (if I saved). The best I could do was wait for a sale on ties and suspenders at (the long gone) Charivari. Had SpreezaBox existed then, at $20-$28 a box (valued at over $90), it would have been my go-to. 

Not into a monthly commitment? Send a message through his collar with personalized collar stays from Personalization Mall (starting at $23.99 for a set of three, or six pieces total). 

9. The Dad Who Has Everything

Giftagram has ideas and inspiration for a variety of interests (apothecary, barware, sweets, books, health and so much more), gender, age and price. They make it super easy and curate some awesome finds.

Another option is Holstee. An annual membership (starting at $6 per month) gives recipients a monthly gift of original artwork, creative surprises and resources selected around a theme (for example: patience, resilience, creativity, kindness). 

10. The First Responder/Essential Worker Dad

There is no gift that could adequately express our gratitude, pride and respect for first responders and essential workers — and frankly, this one was so hard I almost didn’t include it. Everything seemed insignificant. But after really thinking about it and consulting with some of my FR/EW friends, aside from needing more N95 masks and other PPE equipment, the one thing they all mentioned was their aching feet from excessively long shifts, nonstop activity and calls for their service (tip: combine one or more of these items for a themed assortment gift). The Nekteck Foot Massager With Heat offers a kneading shiatsu foot massage and built-in infrared heat ($79.99). 

A more portable option is Natural Chemistree’s Foot Massage Roller. This massager addresses heel, foot and arch discomfort, and promises stress relief with trigger point therapy ($16.99). 

For relief on-the-go, Mindinsole’s Magnetic Inserts uses acupressure to alleviate discomfort and improve circulation and foot health overall ($12.99). 

These Deer Stag Slippers work anywhere (indoors and outdoors). With shock absorption and a padded insole, they will quickly become a cherished accessory ($25).

Finally, after all the years I have celebrated Father’s Day as a daughter, granddaughter, wife, niece and goddaughter, what I know for certain is that no matter what Dad does or how he spends his free time, a phone call, a card, a thank-you and an “I love you” is exactly what he wants most of all. 

Juliana Stock

Juliana Stock

The Gifting Whisperer: Today is a gift — that's why it's called the present. This column helps you make the most of all your gift-giving opportunities.

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