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From Indian cold remedies to a quirky Argentinian sport, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week has been a veritable whirlwind — with record falls on the stock market, record speeches in the Senate and record space rocket launches. And if this was a record-breaking week, then there’ll surely be more tumbling in the world of sports as the Olympics opens today. We’re here to vault you ahead of the curve and beyond all the noise — so dig in to these OZY highlights this weekend. 

#1 See Beyond: OZY Takes You Around the World


On Monday, we launched our most ambitious project to date: a yearlong global reporting project that will take you to every single country in the world. This week, we stopped off in Argentina, Morocco, Spain and South Korea.
Why You Should Care: Because the world is smaller than ever.

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#2 Get Well Soon: The Home Remedies Indians Swear By


Stuffy nose or headache? These traditional kitchen concoctions can save you a trip to the drugstore.
Why You Should Care: They’re not going to taste good. But they’re gonna work.

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#3 First Person: Singing a Song of Slavery in Morocco


Hafida Hdoubane comes from a long line of slaves, up to and including her father, and a surprising turn: This pleases her to no end.
Why You Should Care: Stormy beginnings don’t always presage stormy endings.

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#4 Watch: Life, Interrupted: The Little Florist With Big Dreams


“I started a flower business because nobody wanted to hire me.”
Why You Should Care: Because flower power is still pretty powerful and pretty and powerful.

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#5 Getting High: This Drug Activist Doesn’t Want Addicts to Stop Using — Himself Included


Shilo Jama isn’t looking to get people off drugs; he just wants to make using drugs safer.
Why You Should Care: Because he wants to help, not vilify, people who enjoy drugs.

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#6 Meet: Can the First Black Female MP Change Spain’s Perceptions of Race?


Rita Bosaho is taking the fight for women’s rights and racial justice to the Spanish parliament.
Why You Should Care: Because her path to power is atypical — and that’s mighty powerful.

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#7 Discover: This Crazy Sport Has Taken Over Argentina … and No, It’s Not Soccer


Padel, a hybrid of tennis and squash, is perhaps Argentina’s second most popular sport.
Why You Should Care: Because this niche sport has taken over Spain, and it’s growing across Europe and in the U.S.

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#8 Back to School: Can He Tear Up That $400 Textbook?


Mike Silagadze is the CEO of Top Hat, an educational technology company that hopes to abolish the physical (and expensive) textbook.
Why You Should Care: Because in 2018, college students are still buying pricey, 5-pound tomes riddled with typos.

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#9 Look Ahead: The New Emerging African Power: Morocco


Long in the shadows of Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa, Morocco is now emerging as a new regional titan.
Why You Should Care: Morocco could fill a leadership vacuum that isn’t good for anyone.

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#10 Olympic Spirit: Can This 17-Year-Old Grab Gold in PyeongChang?


Snowboarding phenom Red Gerard will be one of only four U.S. Olympians at the 2018 Winter Games born after the turn of the century.
Why You Should Care: Because have you ever tried a frontside triple cork 1440? He did — and nailed it.

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#11 Go There: How to Visit Hawaii Like the Obamas


Your travel guide to walk in Barry’s footsteps, through Hawaiian waterfalls and ancient cliff faces.
Why You Should Care: Because the nation’s first Black president was shaped on the shores of Oahu.

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