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From AI parenting to Japan’s Trumpian commentator, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

With President Trump congratulating the reelected Putin, China retaliating to American tariffs and Zuckerberg apologizing for Facebook data breaches … it’s been a whirlwind week in the never-ending news cycle. Here’s the best of the week on OZY to help you better understand this mad and rapidly changing world — or to give you a break from it all. Put your feet up this weekend with these 11 OZY treats.

#1: Look East: Can This Conservative Bring Trumpism to Asia?

With the backing of American conservatives, this Japanese commentator is spreading Trumpism.
Why You Should Care: Because he is paving the way for Trump-like politics across the globe.

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#2: Watch: This Plant Eats Flies — and Makes a Delicious Limeade

Nepenthes are stunning to look at, and deadly for flies and lizards. But they are also delectably sweet.
Why You Should Care: Because these meat-eating plants are also sugar producers.

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#3: Listen: Episode Two of the Thread Takes You Inside the Playboy Mansion

OZY’s chart-topping podcast is back, this time pulling the thread on the #MeToo movement.
Why You Should Care: Because if you loved Season One, Season Two will blow your mind.

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#4: Behind the Headlines: This Barrier-Breaking Porn Star May Prove Trump’s Biggest Nightmare

Stormy Daniels, the porn star alleging an affair with President Trump, is no stranger to the spotlight — or politics.
Why You Should Care: Because a scandal can end a (normal) politician’s career.

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#5: Class Time: The Rise of Unfundamentalist Parenting

This new school of Christian parenting is emerging as a challenge to more fundamentalist techniques that rely on strict obedience and discipline.  
Why You Should Care: Bringing up a child remains one of humankind’s most challenging — and fulfilling — experiences. 

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#6: From the Front Line: Prison Was the Only Place This Addict Was Safe

Hearing about people dying from opioid abuse is one thing. Seeing someone you love dying from it is something else entirely.
Why You Should Care: Because every victim has a face.

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#7: Believe It or Not: Indians’ Best Friend: Their Smartphone

A recent four-country survey found India has the highest attachment to its phones — and greatest desire for help.
Why You Should Care: Because kicking the smartphone habit is a global problem.

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#8: Parenting 101: Alexa, Please Spy on My Kids!

Tech nannies should help us discipline our children and ensure more humane human interactions.
Why You Should Care: Because we should really be demanding more from our technology.

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#9: Go Deep: The Underwater Wonders of Manon Le Roy

This Amsterdam-based French filmmaker shoots below the waterline. Literally.
Why You Should Care: The Shape of Water is not the only Oscar-worthy underwater movie out there.

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#10: Did You Know: Nebraska’s Secret Gem: A Recession-Proof City

If you’re gambling on stability, a Great Plains stronghold might be your best bet.
Why You Should Care: Because that sound you hear isn’t corn rustling; it’s Lincoln hustling.

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#11: True Story: I Watched People Die on Death Row

Getting a gig on death row is about as fun as it sounds. Which is to say: Not at all. But it was also singularly unlike anything most of us have ever done.
Why You Should Care: In the United States, in general, it’s still the law of the land.

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