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From China’s Robocops to America’s first legal bare-knuckle fight, here’s the best of OZY this week.

This past week, we witnessed a Russian journalist come back from the dead — and a potential Italian government, too, was revived from the grave. While the Irish public voted to legalize abortion, a New York grand jury voted to indict Harvey Weinstein. If you need a break from the highs and lows of the daily news cycle, tuck up this weekend with this curated list of the best of the best of OZY.

#1: Black Mirror: China Turns to Robotic Policing

With heavy investments in AI and robotics, Beijing is swiftly automating its public security infrastructure.
Why You Should Care: China is turning sci-fi policing films into reality.

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#2: Need to Know: Can FIFA’s First Female Secretary General Kick Corruption to the Curb?

As the first non-European to helm international soccer, Fatma Samoura’s leadership is in focus ahead of the World Cup.
Why You Should Care: Because this UN veteran is trying to reform FIFA’s corrupt legacy.

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#3: Below the Belt: 28 States Said No to Bare-Knuckle Boxing. But One Said Yes.

America’s first legal bare-knuckle boxing event is going down tonight. Human cockfighting or the future of combat?
Why You Should Care: Because fighting with bare hands might be safer than normal boxing.

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#4: Be Inspired: She’s Finding El Salvador’s Lost Children

As Margarita Zamora reunites families shattered by her country’s civil war, she searches for answers to her own personal tragedy.
Why You Should Care: The wound won’t heal until the truth is known about what really happened.

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#5: More Than a Dog Video: India’s Canine Lovers Turn to Technology to Protect Strays

Amid rising violence against India’s stray dogs, entrepreneurs are developing tech solutions to protect them.
Why You Should Care: Because the country is home to 25 million strays.

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#6: Hear Us Out: Make Baseball Great Again … With Fewer Home Runs

Forget pace-of-play reform. If the MLB wants to win back fans, it’s time to restore action to the diamond.
Why You Should Care: Because the days of an active baseball field have passed.

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#7: Believe Us or Not: Why Japan Loves Twitter More Than Facebook

The difference is huge: 45 million tweeters in Japan, compared to 28 million on Facebook.
Why You Should Care: Because Japan loves to tweet just as much as you-know-who.

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#8: Look Ahead: The Rise of Mexico’s High-Tech Entrepreneurial Generation

Wealthy families and government initiatives are helping unleash a wave of venture capital–funded startups.
Why You Should Care: For decades, Mexico’s rich parked their money abroad. Now they’re bringing it home and investing in local startups.

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#9: Travel Back in Time: This Maya Village Was Frozen in Time by a Volcano

A visit to this frozen-in-time farming village shows what daily life was like for Maya commoners in Mesoamerica.
Why You Should Care: Until this discovery, we had almost no information about how Maya commoners lived.

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#10: Meet: The Self-Declared American Emperor Everyone Loved

Joshua Abraham Norton — aka Emperor Norton I of the United States — was a beloved San Francisco celebrity.
Why You Should Care: Because of all the eccentrics who have walked the streets of San Francisco, Emperor Norton is perhaps the most famous.

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#11: Inked Up: If It’s Good Enough to Put on Your Bum, Why Not in a Frame?

A tattoo looks great on skin, but it can now also be an art piece to hang above the fireplace.
Why You Should Care: That skull inked on someone’s arm might also look good on a wall.

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