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From saving the world with unused meds to art made with recycled junk, here’s the best of OZY this week, plus a fun holiday playlist.

In a wild week of tax restructuring plans, a train derailment in Washington and preparations for the holidays (not to mention the announcement that life expectancy rates are falling), you may have missed some delicious OZY treats. So we’ve gathered them for you. Sit back and read, watch and listen to this week’s highlights.

#1 Listen: Holiday Music

It’s the most wonderful (and wacky) time of the year. This playlist covers all the feel-good holiday classics, as well as a few oddballs that may have had too much eggnog! Happy holidays from Sony and OZY.



#2 Read: The Entrepreneur Cleaning Up Argentina’s Digital Junk

Let’s face it: Our world is awash in digital junk. Andrea Nallim is fighting the good fight against the rising tide of electronic waste.



#3 Know This: Startups Are Hacking Past New Immigration Rules

Tech firms are leveraging unpredictability injected into the system by President Trump’s policies to help visa applicants. 



#4 Watch: The Namibian Making Political Statements With Tin Cans

This artist crafts stunning artworks about conflict … from one of the sources creating that conflict in Africa.



#5 Meet: Can a Moderate Republican Win in Kansas? 

You’ve heard about Gov. Sam Brownback’s failed tax cuts. Now meet Ed O’Malley, the centrist looking to succeed him. 



#6 Check This Out: Can Unused Medical Supplies Save the World?

Did you know that billions of dollars’ worth of usable meds and equipment end up in landfills? Elizabeth McLellan’s nonprofit ships this medical “waste” to countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. 



#7 Remember: Six Famous Events That Happened on Christmas

The birth of Jesus is just one anniversary that falls on December 25.



#8 Drink Up: Cool Mexican Party Drinks Beyond Tequila

Delight in the varied and tasty distillates of the agave plant, and you can be the know-it-all at your next party. 



#9 Be Intrigued: When Hollywood Filmmaking Gets Political

Coming soon to a theater near you: a film with a wide-ranging advocacy plan attached.  



#10 Get Ready: College Basketball’s Best Conference?

Left behind by its football-fearing former members, the “new Big East” is on the verge of another record-breaking season.



#11 It’s True: West Point Had an Infamous Eggnog Riot in 1826

When cadets smuggled four gallons of whiskey into a West Point Christmas party in 1826, things quickly got out of hand.  


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