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From regulating breasts in Georgia and banning plastic in Mayan towns to herding Italian cows, here’s the best of OZY this week.

In the past seven days, the world delivered plenty of stuff you haven’t seen before — a presidential assassination attempt by drone, in Venezuela; Saudi Arabia rapping the diplomatic knuckles of that troublemaker Canada over its thing about human rights in the desert kingdom; and a presidential admission that Junior met with Russians in the tower to get HRC dirt — who needs a Mueller grilling? But now it’s time to chill — and check out the stories in this week’s best of OZY collection.

No. 1: Internal Medicine: How Your Genes Could Be Used to Cure Cancer

Personalized immunotherapy is emerging as the latest frontier in cancer treatment.
Why You Should Care: Because the rise of personalized and precision medicine promises to be transformative.

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No. 2: Boob Job: You May Soon Need a License to Say ‘Breast is Best’

A Georgia law regulating lactation consultants aimed to lower infant mortality. Instead, it decimated an important health care field.
Why You Should Care: States are often called the laboratories of democracy, but few see them as testing grounds for nursing a newborn.

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No. 3: Around the World: Why Pacific Islanders Love the Book of Mormon

Missionaries found fertile, if far-flung, soil for their religious message on the island nations — thanks to a shared love of family.
Why You Should Care: Because geography isn’t always destiny when it comes to matters of faith.

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No. 4: Cadillac Desert: Water Wars Should Set Arizona’s Senate Race Alight

Arizona, worried by an imperiled Lake Mead, is waiting for a Senate champion to secure its water needs.
Why You Should Care: Drought and increased evaporation owing to climate change are sucking dry Arizona’s indispensable source of water.

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No. 5: Change, Please: ATMs Become Next Battleground for Cryptocurrency

From Detroit to Delhi, Santiago to Split, crypto ATMs are on the rise, sparking a fight over the new market.
Why You Should Care: Crypto kingpins are duking it out for control over the exploding market of cryptocurrency ATMs.

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No. 6: Untouchable No More?: The Shepherd’s Son Stirring Lower-Caste Unrest in Modi’s India

Kancha Ilaiah’s aggression and sarcasm make him a leading — and uncomfortable — voice on behalf of his country’s lower-born.
Why You Should Care: Because he’s trying to help his country’s lower-born rise up.

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No. 7: Alpine Bovines: Meet One of Italy’s Few Women Cow Herders

Cow whisperer Roberta Colombero decided to take a road not well traveled … behind herds of cows in the Alps.
Why You Should Care: Because depending on where your desk is, the ass end of a cow might look pretty good right about now.

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No. 8: Breakthrough Potential: Is the Cure for Alzheimer’s Hiding Inside Us? She Thinks So

Annelise Barron is developing a way to treat Alzheimer’s disease through the immune system.
Why You Should Care: Because she’s uncovered a way to fight off a major cause of a devastating disease.

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No. 9: Going Natural: Guatemala’s Mayan Towns Declare War on … Plastic

Mayan communities are banning plastic and challenging big industry in this Central American country.
Why You Should Care: Town after town is saying no to plastics choking lakes and rivers.

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No. 10: Go It Alone: Enjoy a DIY Road Trip to Elephant Heaven

You don’t need to pay through the nose for a guided safari. Here’s how to do it on your own.
Why You Should Care: This way you can gush about those baby elephants for as long as you want.

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