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From doughnut economics to singing protests, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week, communities continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and super Typhoon Mangkhut. As the healing for these natural disasters begins to take shape, some new science developments this week may provide hope for mending other wounds on the planet. For one, scientists have turned to DNA testing to intervene in ivory-smuggling cartels in Africa. Researchers have also proposed an idea to build walls on the seafloor to help hold back sea level rises. And finally, notoriously standoffish octopuses given MDMA tend to let their tentacles down, according to an experiment on the ancient origins of social behavior.

Now that the weekend has arrived, it’s time to relax and settle in with some great reading. Here are 10 of our favorite stories on OZY this week.

No. 1: Need to Know: Is the Future of the Economy a Doughnut?

Economist Kate Raworth’s simple drawings reframe the economic concept of endless growth.
Why You Should Care: Because long-held economic notions may be derailed by thinking outside the box and inside a circle.

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No. 2: Moo-t Point: Can We Have Happy Cows and a Clean Climate?

Switzerland’s embrace of humane agricultural practices may be a roadblock to its environmental goals. 
Why You Should Care: That Swiss cliché of cows, cow bells and mountains is dying. And with it, the environment. 

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No. 3: In the Spotlight: Women Start Writing Discrimination Out of Bollywood’s Script

Female scriptwriters, a rarity a decade ago, are now delivering some of the biggest blockbusters and helping to reshape India’s film industry.
Why You Should Care: These writers are devising strategies and fighting against a culture that remains predatory and misogynistic.

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No. 4: Good Sh*t Selfies: This Wild Rio Neighborhood Offers the Best Instagram Spot

This nearly deserted area welcomes you to the farthest reaches of the city and delights with its wildness and photo ops.
Why You Should Care: It��s a hidden spot almost free of tourists and definitely free of gators.

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No. 5: Nonviolent Protest: When Thousands Struck Back Against the USSR … by Singing

The festival’s program was a targeted humiliation of Latvians. But a few minutes into it, something changed.
Why You Should Care: It’s not every day a nation topples a military superpower 50 times its size through nonviolent resistance.

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No. 6: Around the World: How Walkability and Wi-Fi Have Made Prague a Freelancer’s Paradise

If you want to work on your own projects, the city’s low cost of living and good coffee could make it a great home base.
Why You Should Care: Quiet, low-stress and quality java? Yes, please. 

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No. 7: Politics & Sasquatches: A Bigfoot Sighting in a Suddenly At-Risk Republican Seat

An OZY/0ptimus election model has this five-term incumbent in danger. 
Why You Should Care: Because a Democrat could lead this affluent Minnesota district for the first time since 1961. 

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No. 8: SportsSpeak Explained: If You Like Your Face the Way It Is, Stay Out of Rugby’s Blood Bin

This must-know rugby term is as useful as it is graphic.
Why You Should Care: You can teach your football-loving friends a thing or two about the sport of rugby, starting with this word.

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No. 9: Highway to Happy: Breaking the Ban and Burning Rubber in Saudi Arabia

Setting folks free is sometimes very different from how they embrace that freedom, but for one Saudi grandma, a muscle car seemed just about right.
Why You Should Care: Because while things always change, it’s nicer when they change for the better.

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No. 10: Economies of the Future: A Job for Everyone? This 21st-Century Keynes Says It’s Possible

William Darity Jr., a Duke University professor, has pushed the idea of a federal jobs guarantee into the mainstream.
Why You Should Care: Because his idea would hand a job to anyone who wants one.

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