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From a cliff-hanger of a film to a demon-shaking dance, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week millions have been looking anxiously to the skies, to two major weather events. In the U.S., East Coasters braced for Hurricane Florence, which began lashing North Carolina on Thursday. And on the other side of the world, millions in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan nervously eyed super Typhoon Mangkhut, the equivalent of a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane.

The power of water has also been the subject of two stories on OZY this week, including a dam that could cause the world’s worst natural disaster. But there’s also a story of hope, with a man who has developed technology that might harvest water from desert air, an invention that could help mitigate the world’s growing thirst.

Wherever you are in the world, be safe. Here are some of the best stories on OZY this week. 

No. 1: In the Spotlight: The Very Real Threads Connecting King and Kaepernick

Would Dr. King be kneeling next to Colin Kaepernick today?
Why You Should Care:  Because nonviolent protest in any era is bound to create its own dissent.

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No. 2: Need to Know: OZY’s Exclusive Election Model: A Democratic House Takeover

We teamed up with consulting firm 0ptimus for a unique projection of how the midterms will go.
Why You Should Care:  We wanted to build a better product to analyze the national political picture.

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No. 3: On the Edge: ‘The Dawn Wall’ Will Make Your Palms Sweat and Your Stomach Flip

This documentary is an adrenaline injection straight to the heart. No interest in rock climbing required.
Why You Should Care: Because these guys are the closest thing to real-life Spider-Men you’ll ever see.

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No. 4: Flashback: The Greatest Constitution the World Never Saw

Some consider Pylyp Orlyk’s 1710 document, which was never enacted, to be the true predecessor of democratic politics.
Why You Should Care:  Because sometimes those with the best ideas get little recognition.

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No. 5: Good to Know: Lonely? Say It in Chinese

This four-character idiom is poetic, precise and expresses a universal feeling.
Why You Should Care: If you have to feel alone, you should at least have a way to describe it.

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No. 6: Meet: The Inventor Trying to Suck Water From the World’s Driest Air



With 5 billion people facing water shortages by 2050, artist Ap Verheggen has developed patent-pending technology to quench the world’s thirst.
Why You Should Care:  With billions of people facing future water shortages, we need all the help we can get.

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No. 7: Watch: How to Dance Off Pinochet’s Demons With a Handkerchief

Once shunned as a symbol of Chilean nationalism, this folk dance is now capturing imaginations worldwide.
Why You Should Care:  Because sometimes a dance can be an unlikely ambassador of globalization.

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No. 8: Cheap Seats: Why Low-Cost Airlines Are Flocking to Vienna

Air Berlin’s demise, Brexit and a slew of incentives are pulling European carriers to the Austrian capital.
Why You Should Care:  From British carriers to Hungarian airlines, everyone is making a beeline for Vienna.

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No. 9: Warning: This Dam Could Cause the World’s Worst Natural Disaster

At roughly 1,860 feet, the Usoi dam is the world’s highest natural dam. And there’s more than one reason why it’s in a precarious position.
Why You Should Care:
Because some experts believe Lake Sarez is a ticking time bomb.

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No. 10: Taking the Piss: Bringing a Urine-Filled Garbage Can to a Knife Fight

Despite what you hear, suburbia is not without its own special drama. Case in point: one man’s revenge-fueled garbage-collector battle.
Why You Should Care: Because sometimes the best revenge is just revenge.

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