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From karaoke for one to a DJ with 1,000 Walkmans, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It’s been the week for taking a stand. Nike joined forces with former NFLer Colin Kaepernick in a new “Just Do It” ad campaign touching on racial inequality, while India’s top court overturned laws against gay sex, upholding the rights of the LGBT community. And in other news, protesters disrupted Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings, while questions swirled over whether Democratic senators broke Senate rules by releasing emails on the nominee’s view on racial profiling and abortion laws.

Fighting for what you believe in can be energizing, but also exhausting. So take some time for yourself this weekend — and dive into the some of the best stories on OZY this week. Grab a comfy chair and enjoy.

No. 1: In the Spotlight: Contending With Debt: 244 Midterm Candidates Are in the Red

An OZY analysis of nearly 400 midterm candidates shows that many follow in Stacey Abrams’ footsteps.
Why You Should Care: Because her race could provide a test for how voters judge debt going forward.

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No. 2: Karaoke for One: China Cashes In on All the Lonely People

From solo karaoke booths to apps that mimic human interaction, the Chinese are devising solutions to help them fight loneliness.
Why You Should Care: Because there’s an alarming increase in chronic loneliness.

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No. 3: Retro Beats: Meet the DJ with 1,000 Walkmans

This Spanish DJ performs with ’80s portable audio machines and cassettes. Why? Because he says the sound is better.
Why You Should Care: Because it’s a tape-tastic good time.

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No. 4: Speak Out: Solving the Hidden Disease That’s as Bad as 15 Cigarettes a Day

Former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek  Murthy has seen growing numbers of people who suffer from chronic loneliness, and here’s his prescription.
Why You Should Care: Because there is a simple and actionable solution to this epidemic.

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No. 5: Call of the Ball: Why Chasing Balls at the US Open Is Serious Business

Behind the scenes at America’s premier tennis event, ballpersons battle for a chance to shadow the stars.
Why You Should Care: Because ballpersons are an essential part of a pro match.

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No. 6: Joe Jolt: Where Coffee Shops Are the Test of Economic Success

Kyrgyzstan’s boom in Western-style coffee shops has sparked a showdown between new and old-school ways of doing business.
Why You Should Care: Because, believe it or not, not every country has a Starbucks. And in Kyrgyzstan, the battle for coffee supremacy is fierce.

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No. 7: On Track: NASCAR Hits the Brakes on Male Dominance

The traditionally White, male and middle-aged sport is finally recruiting and training women as pit crew members, engineers and executives. 
Why You Should Care: From tire changers to engineers, women are finally making a mark in the sport.

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No. 8: Future of School: The Ax-Wielding Futurist Swinging for a Higher Ed Tech Revolution

Bryan Alexander advocates on-demand tutors and online learning from his backwoods home base.
Why You Should Care: Because his ed tech visions could be coming to a college class near you.

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No. 9: Capture the Canine: The Long Journey of Buddha’s Tooth

This sacred canine has endured for thousands of years, growing in myth and importance amid war, theft, flames and celebration. 
Why You Should Care: Because this tooth had the roots of power.

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No. 10: Around the World: These Tasty Uzbek Cheese Balls Can Last for Years

It might look unusual, but kurt is a delicious answer to snacking, traveling — even gaming.
Why You Should Care: Because these savory, salty balls are as versatile as they are tasty. 

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