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From a sperm count sleuth to a secret city hike, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It was a week of goodbyes to prominent figures, from Sen. John McCain to playwright Neil Simon. It was also a week of former presidents contributing to these farewells, with Bill Clinton speaking at Aretha Franklin’s funeral service in Detroit on Friday and former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush giving eulogies at McCain’s D.C. service on Saturday (the current president was not invited).

Celebrations of life are a time of reflection, giving us pause for thought. Looking back over the past seven days, here are some of the best stories we brought to you this week. Grab a comfy chair and enjoy.

No. 1: Future of Fertility: Sperm Counts Have Dropped 50 Percent. Can She Find a Fix?

Male fertility in the West is dropping, and no one knows why. OB-GYN Sarah Martins da Silva is stepping in to help find a solution.
Why You Should Care: Because she is one of the few scientists doing something about the mysterious situation.

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No. 2: Talk To Me: ‘Can I Help? You Seem Stressed.’ Now Chatbots Are Getting Emotional

A growing number of firms are using a new wave of artificial intelligence apps to improve customer service.
Why You Should Care: Anything that promises to improve customer service is worth a shot.

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No. 3: Good Sh*t: How an Art School Is Lighting Up Africa’s Biggest Slum

A self-sustaining art space in Kenya is encouraging youths to see themselves as artists, and to not be defined by circumstances.
Why You Should Care: Because art flourishes, wherever it’s encouraged.

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No. 4: D-Fense: Why Power Is Shifting in This Year’s College Football Season

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming months in college football.
Why You Should Care: Because eye-popping offense and the SEC are out, and defense and the Big Ten are in.

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No. 5: By the Numbers: This Is the Ranking Colleges Fear Most

University standings based on job prospects or faculty tell us nothing about the climate they create for women.
Why You Should Care: Students should know what kind of college experience they’re signing up for.

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No. 6: History Shake-Up: How Portugal’s Biggest Disaster Launched a Scientific Discipline

A devastating earthquake 263 years ago caused a lot of soul-searching and inspired some remarkable data collection.
Why You Should Care: Because a 1755 quake shook thinkers and movers into serious action.

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No. 7: Opinion: This Sports Reporter Sexism Needs to Go

Why do women have to work so hard to prove their expertise in sports journalism when most of their male counterparts didn’t play big-time ball either?
Why You Should Care: Because sports experience is not the same as expertise.

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No. 8: Politics & Power: Four Ways Republicans Have Quietly Kept a Distance From Trump

Hoping to survive the 2018 midterms, GOP incumbents seek issues to differentiate themselves from Trump.
Why You Should Care: Because it’s one way Republicans are trying to ride against the blue wave.

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No. 9: True Story: The Night My Friend Got Killed by a Crooked Cop

Nights out in Lagos could be free, fun and easy. Or they could be anything but. This was one of those nights that was anything but.
Why You Should Care: Because threats are not always empty.

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No. 10: Hidden in Plain Sight: 1M Visitors a Year … But Table Mountain Still Has a Secret

This gem hidden in plain sight is called Tranquility Cracks for a reason.
Why You Should Care: Because there’s no gripe that can’t be cured by a good hike.

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