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From wedding doulas to bullshit immunity, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week’s news headlines have been all about the cash: Trump insists that those two hush payments were not campaign violations; Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin left no will or trust; and Apple’s Tim Cook is expected to get about $120 million richer (he also recently donated nearly $5 million in shares). But for those of us who aren’t millionaires (or even if you are rolling in dough), the weekend has arrived — so sit back and enjoy some of the priceless stories in this week’s best of OZY collection.

No. 1: Focus Puller: Here Comes the Wedding Doula: Your Key to ‘Marriage Mindfulness’

They’ve long helped birth babies. Now they’re assisting brides-to-be.
Why You Should Care: It’s like having a best friend, parent, therapist and wedding planner all in one.

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No. 2: Sky-High Costs: 1 in 5 Californians Is Poor. Housing Prices Are to Blame

The sky-high cost of living is turning a land of opportunity into a land of disparity for many Golden State residents.
Why You Should Care: Because rising living costs are making California viable for only a privileged few.

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No. 3: Future of Fertility: How This Fertility Guru Is Set to Ease the Pain of 176M Women

Startup founder Heather Bowerman plans to launch the first noninvasive test for endometriosis.
Why You Should Care: This test could lead to an early diagnosis of an excruciating condition.

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No. 4: Book Boss: The Cult London Bookstore That Might Just Throw You Out

This go-to shop for design inspiration is also the former face of a much-loved TV series.
Why You Should Care: Because everyone secretly wants to visit somewhere that was once on TV.

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No. 5: The Crap Trap: Think You’re Immune to BS? Nope.

You may believe you’re good at spotting the pseudo-profound. But research finds you’re wrong.
Why You Should Care: Bullshit is back and it’s bigger than ever.

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No. 6: Dandy Dressing: Brazzaville’s Women Suit Up in Snazzy Sapeur Threads

For nearly a century, the Republic of Congo’s trademark fashion style was barred to women. That’s changing.
Why You Should Care: La Sape, the country’s iconic fashion style, is no longer only for men.

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No. 7: Original, Big, Bold: This Millennial Filmmaker Is Riding the Digital Wave With His NBA Buddies

Michael Ratner’s basketball-influenced production house is taking off, with a little help from his friends.
Why You Should Care: OBB has become a magnet for Hollywood-curious NBA stars.

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No. 8: Around the World: The Country Where Happiness and Inequality Go Hand in Hand

Contentment in Costa Rica tops the charts, but that doesn’t mean all things are equal.
Why You Should Care: Because happiness is also rooted in relationships.

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No. 9: The Donald Dossier: Trump’s Legal Precipice Is a Political One Too

Michael Cohen’s remarkable plea implicating his former boss ratchets up the fight to keep the GOP in power.
Why You Should Care: Because Tuesday was a remarkable day.

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No. 10: Grunt Punt: How to Stop Those Weird Bedroom Sounds

OZY’s Eugene S. Robinson addresses the question (and others): Is there a kind and tactful way to silence a partner’s sex noises?
Why You Should Care: Because who else are you going to ask about these things?

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