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From furniture made of trash to metrosexual knights, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

In the last week, global headlines have kept us on our toes (for better and worse) — nearly 1,000 Google employees signed a letter to protest the building of a censored search engine; fans everywhere paid their respects to Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul; and President Donald Trump’s military parade planned for Veterans Day has been called off — what a buzzkill, right? But have no fear, for the weekend has arrived — now you can kick your feet back and browse the stories in this week’s best of OZY collection.

No. 1: In the spotlight: Here’s How to Hold Priests Accountable for Abuse

“My First Communion came from an abuser. Now ‘mandatory reporter’ laws must be used to protect Catholic youths.”
Why You Should Care: Because there are ways to move forward to try to restore justice.

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No. 2: Yellow magic: Doctors Deploy a Surprisingly Low-Tech Tool Kit Against Opioids

Strategies originally used to fight addictions like alcoholism are being used to wage war against America’s opioid epidemic.
Why You Should Care: They’re not sexy, and they’re not high-tech, but U.S. doctors are increasingly turning to them.

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No. 3: Enemies Close, Friends Closer: Is Omarosa Out-Trumping Trump?

Omarosa Manigault Newman’s shape-shifting road has led her from Al Gore staffer to White House aide to media sensation.
Why You Should Care: Because Donald Trump is getting a taste of his own medicine from a former friend and ally.

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No. 4: Bridging the gap: Meet the Teacher Who Dares to Speak With Boko Haram

Hamsatu Allamin is one of the few people in Nigeria to speak with both insurgents and the government. 
Why You Should Care: Because she’s digging for peace in a nine-year civil war that has killed 20,000 people.

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No. 5: Medieval virtue: The Metrosexual Knights Who Defended Medieval Korea

Skilled in martial arts, archery, swordsmanship and mounted combat, these knights were as deadly as they were ambiguously sexy.
Why You Should Care: These androgynous young dudes were deadly warriors and skillful leaders who brought security and stability.

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No. 6: Hidden voices: How Are 400,000 Americans Enslaved?

Nearly 1 in 800 people in the U.S. are working against their will — many in the service industry.
Why You Should Care: Forced labor in the U.S. is far more common than you think, bolstered by tighter immigration laws.

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No. 7: Trendy trash: High-End Furniture Made From River Garbage

Whale-inspired furnishings made from plastic bottles are making a splash in Amsterdam.
Why You Should Care: Some tourists are getting more satisfaction fishing for plastic than smoking weed in Amsterdam.

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No. 8: The Future of Fiction: Wanna Save Democracy? Read a Novel

People simply aren’t reading novels like they once did. Maybe an incentive could help.
Why You Should Care: Books are what America needs to bridge the partisan divide, so let’s create some required reading.

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No. 9: Thanks, Mom: This MLB Pitcher Gets It From His Mama

Tyler Skaggs has several people to thank for his success, especially his mother.
Why You Should Care: Because baseball is about more than fathers and sons.

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No. 10: Summer Diet: How Fat Will Semen Make You?

Do you really want to know how many ejaculations you would have to drink before you got fat from drinking ejaculate? 
Why You Should Care: Because it’s not like you’re going to ask your parents about this stuff.

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