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From blood bots to headscarves with hidden meanings, here’s the best of OZY this week.

Greece and California burst into flames, and President Trump and Iran burst into flaming tweets. On the other hand, the U.S. and the EU step back from a trade war, and North Korea looks like it’s dismantling a missile site (maybe). Tie goes to the optimists. That being the case (says us), kick back and enjoy a deep dive into the best of OZY this week.

#1: Interior Views: Robots to the Rescue: Racing Through Our Blood to Cure Disease

The future of medicine? Miniature robots communicating with doctors from inside our bodies.
Why You Should Care: Because researchers are barreling ahead to the next frontier in medical science.

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#2: Smile!: Which Country Loves to Snap More Than Saudi Arabia? None

Internet celebrities, a reform-minded Saudi prince and a Silicon Valley giant collide.
Why You Should Care: Because one of Silicon Valley’s largest startups is looking eastward.

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#3: Love Handles: Why More People Are Choosing Unique Children’s Names

It’s not just celebrities. Americans from all backgrounds are increasingly selecting unique names for their kids.
Why You Should Care: Fewer parents are picking popular names for their children, going for uncommon ones instead.

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#4: High Alert: Hillary Clinton Says Russia Could Hack This Year’s Election

The former secretary of state expresses a number of fears over Russian interference in American politics.
Why You Should Care: Because it might just be a direct attack on democracy.

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#5: Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret Meanings of Surinamese Headscarves

Afro-Surinamese women once sent coded messages to each other with their headwear. This museum keeps the tradition alive.
Why You Should Care: Because an outfit might be outing your husband’s secret love.

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#6: Seeking Sanctuary: Another Melting Pot Boils Over Due to Immigration

Built by 19th-century indentured laborers, Guyana faces a heated battle over what to do with a flood of immigrants.
Why You Should Care: Because Guyana’s solutions to refugees could apply elsewhere.

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#7: Recycling Solutions: South Africa’s Two Traceys Help Lift Women Out of Poverty

The co-founders of the Clothing Bank prove that one retailer’s trash can be another woman’s treasure.
Why You Should Care: Because two women who decided to give back to South Africa are transforming lives.

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#8: Upbeat: Life, Interrupted: The Man Who Created a Robot Drummer

When Quentin Oliver couldn’t find a drummer who was up to snuff, he and his wife took matters into their own hands.
Why You Should Care: Because machine love is also ageless and evergreen.

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#9: Power Booking: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Needs to Be Schooled

Democrats’ newest star should quit trying to become a national figure and learn more about her district.
Why You Should Care: Because she has become a national symbol.

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#10: Cold War Thaw: The Devastating Earthquake That Brought the World Together

The Skopje earthquake killed hundreds and destroyed Macedonia’s capital — but it came with an unusual silver lining.
Why You Should Care: Because good things can come from disaster.

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