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From the perils of political mudslinging to the Indian untouchable turned cricket star, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

A U.S. Supreme Court Justice hangs up the robes, reigning champ Germany shuffles back home after the World Cup’s first round and Harley Davidson rolls production overseas in the face of European tariffs — another week in a world of transitions. So now might be a good time to hit pause and shift into reflection mode by enjoying OZY’s very best from the past seven days.

#1: Exit Right: What Justice Kennedy’s Departure Could Mean for the Supreme Court


The SCOTUS swing justice’s farewell is a seismic event in American law and life.
Why You Should Care: Because the man with arguably the single most important opinion in America is soon giving it up.

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#2: Separation Anxiety: Families at the Border Get 4 Minutes Together — and a Lifetime Apart


As cruel jokes go, this is a doozy: A separated family gets to meet in a dry riverbed at the border. The punch line? For only four minutes. Get it?
Why You Should Care: Because the family separation policy is much more than just a sticky political issue.

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#3: Joys of Ambiguity: The South American Poet Embracing a Language of Maybes


Susy Delgado has helped reclaim Guarani, the best preserved native language of the Americas once considered dirty.
Why You Should Care: Because Susy Delgado isn’t just writing great poetry but also preserving an ancient language in the process.

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#4: Mucking About: Mudslinging at Rival Candidates Works — If You Do It Yourself


This Arizona Senate race could be ground zero for rethinking attack ads.
Why You Should Care: Because in order to win the Senate, candidates might need to do their own dirty work. 

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#5: Unsung Hero: The Untouchable Who Became India’s Jackie Robinson


Cricket star Palwankar Baloo touched the hearts of millions in India during the early 20th century.
Why You Should Care: Because some sporting performances are truly transformative.

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#6: Stuffed Quirks: Welcome to the Macabre World of Dollhouse Taxidermy


This California creator puts her own tiny worlds inside vintage creatures.
Why You Should Care: Because reimagined taxidermy is just so cool.

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#7: Homeland Footie: The Reverse ‘Migration’ Fueling Africa’s Soccer Hopes


Foreign-born players are joining teams from the African nations of their parents, and driving their campaigns at the 2018 World Cup.
Why You Should Care: Africa is getting some of its best talent back as soccer players turn away from Europe. 

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#8: Counterfeit Butts: Why Libya’s Future Is a Haze of Cigarette Smoke


Libya imports more rolled tobacco than any other African nation and uses it to churn out contraband cigarettes that help fund its civil war. 
Why You Should Care: Its ongoing civil war has turned Libya into the region’s cigarette smuggling leader. 

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#9: Paradise Lost: Danai Gurira Recalls When Zimbabwe Was the Wakanda of Africa


The Black Panther star has broken big, and she is determined to help her homeland do the same.
Why You Should Care: Because Danai Gurira and other storytellers are trying to help a continent regain its sense of potential.

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#10: Real Fake News: The Propaganda War Now Broadcasting in Eastern Ukraine


TV could become an increasingly powerful weapon in the four-year conflict with Russia.
Why You Should Care: Because sometimes TV is your only connection to reality.

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