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From cracking the code on autism to a Jewish revival in improbable places, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

Pakistan, why not a cricketer for prime minister? Apple, a trillion in value — that’s a lot, right? President Trump, so, you lost us — shut down the probe or sit down with the prober? Power, money, decisions — the news cycle lately has had it all and then some. But now’s not the time to sweat the little stuff. Now’s the time to relax and reboot by easing into the best of OZY this week.

No. 1: Playing the Odds: Is Wooing Chinese Gamblers a Winning Bet?


Countries along China’s periphery are setting up casinos to attract Chinese gamblers. But locals aren’t always benefiting.
Why You Should Care: As Asian cities race to woo Chinese gamblers, the odds are stacked in favor of one player — Beijing.

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No. 2: Homecoming: A Jewish Revival: Communities Return to Poland, Sicily and Myanmar


Faced with rising anti-Semitism in some places, Jews are moving back to unlikely cities.
Why You Should Care: Yangon, Oporto, Palermo, Brighton and Kraków are emerging as the new centers of Jewish revival.

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No. 3: Instrument of Evil?: Why the Devil Plays the Fiddle


According to medieval legend, Satan selected the violin as an unholy weapon for enticing people to dance … straight into hell.
Why You Should Care: Because played by the wrong hands, this elegant instrument could spell damnation.

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No. 4: Conservation Conundrum: He Dares to Challenge Kenya’s ‘Big Conservation Lie’


Mordecai Ogada’s “people first” mantra rankles fellow conservationists, whom he compares to colonists.
Why You Should Care: Because Kenyans are losing sovereignty over their own land to nature conservancies and expat-led animal projects.

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No. 5: Solidarity: This Is the Year of Color for American Politics


Candidates of color are supporting one another like never before and gaining from new fundraising options.
Why You Should Care: Because minority women are upending the old political order.

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No. 6: Classroom Hack: Is Ed Tech Failing to Keep Our Kids Safe?


Popular education technology platforms tick the boxes for education, but for privacy and security? Not so much.
Why You Should Care: Because children have clean credit slates — just what criminals crave.

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No. 7: Brainstorming: Could This Sideburn-Sporting Scientist Crack the Autism Gene Puzzle?


Using stem cells, Brian O’Roak is figuring out how genetic mutations affect brain development — and how we might treat the disorder.
Why You Should Care: Because this pioneering expert in genetic risk factors for autism wants to restore healthy brains.

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No. 8: Smokin’: The Beauty of Cooking Iraq’s Massive Carp


The country’s unofficial national dish is delicious, and its preparation is a spectacle to behold.
Why You Should Care: Because there’s only one way to make Iraq’s classic comfort food.

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No. 9: Pride Parade: They Dare to Rally for LGBTQ Rights in South Korea


Heezy Yang and his colleagues are fighting against an aggressive Christian resistance.
Why You Should Care: Because he’s raising awareness about a community that is so often ostracized and voiceless.

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No. 10: Primate Patrol: To Spot Gorillas on a Budget, Try This Hike and Hope


This stunning, six-hour trek up Mount Bisoke is cheaper than Rwandan gorilla hikes and sometimes rewards with the sighting of a rare beast.
Why You Should Care: Because a trek through the Mount Bisoke forest is otherworldly — even without the payoff of a primate.

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