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From flirting with death in Brazil to wrestling in Pakistan, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

Bio attacks in Germany, trade war salvos, a wildlife poaching sting, the first lady heading to the Mexico line — just another easygoing week in life. While all that gets sorted, put your feet up and kick back with the 10 best stories on OZY this week, hand-picked just for you.

No. 1: Bottastic: A Testing Lab for Russian Robots Revs Up in Uruguay


A nation where cows outnumber people nearly 4-to-1 aims to compete in this increasingly competitive market.
Why You Should Care: From schools and colleges to the workplace, Uruguay is preparing to lead South America in robotics.

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No. 2: Early Arrivals: This App Guides Preemie Parents Through Scary Times


The My NICU Baby app guides new moms and dads through an emotional cyclone.
Why You Should Care: Because preemies are powerful; their parents just need some help.

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No. 3: Slick Trick: You’ve Never Seen Mud Wrestling Quite Like This


Jump into the clay pit with these photos of men practicing the ancient sport of pehlwani.
Why You Should Care: These dedicated grapplers are keeping a dying sport alive. 

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No 4: Honey Love: The Data Engineer on a Mission to Save Tunisia’s Bees


Khaled Bouchoucha started his career working on planes — now he’s running a startup that optimizes the health of hives.
Why You Should Care: Tunisia’s agriculture industry generated $614 million in 2017. It needs its pollinators.

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No. 5: Hang 10: From Rome, to Shred: Italy’s Surfing Phenom Beats the Odds on Tour


Leonardo Fioravanti has world championship aspirations, and Kelly Slater is showing him the way. Will Italy’s only pro surfer make a splash?
Why You Should Care: Because it’s high tide in the Mediterranean. 

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No. 6: Election Watch: Toughest Midterm Test for Stalwart Republicans? Health Care


Democrats are hoping to use Jeff Denham’s vote to repeal Obamacare to defeat the entrenched Republican. 
Why You Should Care: This strategy could serve as a template for other races across the country. 

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No. 7: The Whole Truth: Fib on Your Résumé? A Whopping Number Do


HR professionals find a surprising amount of fibbing on CVs. Play it smart: Be honest, and boost your chances of getting the gig by following OZY’s savvy tips. 
Why You Should Care: Because if you get caught lying on your résumé, you can kiss that job goodbye. 

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No. 8: Go Global: What OZY Has Learned by Going Halfway Around the World


Move over, governments. The biggest drivers of change — women, poorer nations and average citizens — are grabbing that mantle.
Why You Should Care: The tussle for the world’s future is playing out in unexpected ways, and with surprising leaders. 

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No. 9: True Story: Flirting With Death in the Name of Street Art


Talitha Andrade uses street art to protest violence against women in Brazil. Since the murder of Marielle Franco, her work has a new resonance.
Why You Should Care: Standing up for what you believe in is rarely this costly.

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No. 10: Life After Kennedy: Could a Non–Ivy Leaguer Be Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court?


If Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retires, President Trump could tap this conservative jurist who thinks evolution ended in 1787 — at least when it comes to the U.S. Constitution. 
Why You Should Care: Judge Diane Sykes is a Midwestern originalist who’s serious about the law, but seriously hard to predict.

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