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From the future of warfare to the joys of competitive yo-yoing, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It’s been a wild week of consequences and repercussions: Cambridge Analytica shut down, Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski were expelled from the Academy, the U.K. home secretary resigned over an immigration scandal, Tesla’s stock price kept tumbling and the announcement of the Nobel Prize for literature was postponed amid a sexual harassment scandal. If these negative headlines frustrate you, you need a bit of OZY in your life. Check out the best of OZY’s forward-looking feature journalism this weekend, with the best 10 stories from the past seven days:

#1: View the full series: The Future of Warfare

Brief history warfare

From the missiles no one can stop to the submarines no one is in, OZY brings you the future of warfare.
Why You Should Care: These new facets of war could determine the future of human society. 

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#2: Marvel at: A Clash Over Antarctica’s Future Is Deepening


Growing tourism and an expanding krill-fishing industry are running up against international regulations to preserve Antarctica.
Why You Should Care: The future of this geographic wonder is at stake.

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#3: Go there: How to Lose a Prime Minister in 11 Days


After spearheading a peaceful uprising that overthrew Armenia’s prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan wants the job.
Why You Should Care: Because he’s trying to harness the streets to vault him into the seat of power.

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#4: Off to the races: Kentucky Derby Art: French Cartoon Style


In a lively clubhouse mural, French artist Pierre Bellocq caricatured every jockey to win the Run for the Roses.
Why You Should Care: Because this clubhouse mural depicts every winning jockey in Kentucky Derby history.

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#5: Fun and games: The Joy of Taking a Yo-Yo for a Spin


Images from three events show just how beautifully complicated this sport can be.
Why You Should Care: Because they can be so much more than an innocuous pastime.

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#6: Meet: Mongolian Martial Arts Champ Takes Page Out of Trump’s Playbook


A vast wealth hides below Mongolia’s surface. Can the same be said about Khaltmaagiin Battulga, the country’s new president?
Why You Should Care: Because this debt-ridden East Asian country needs to step up its game.

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#7: Reflect: The Saddest Map of Our Time, Courtesy of Online Dating Profiles


This fascinating exhibit takes words from millions of online dating profiles and remaps the United States.
Why You Should Care: This might be the saddest map of the U.S. ever created. 

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#8: Get smart: Beijing Set to Transform Itself Into a Tech Capital


America may be ahead by miles in AI, but China is arming its gap-closing weapon: Beijing.
Why You Should Care: Because tech innovation isn’t confined to Silicon Valley.

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#9: See beyond: The French Cartoonist Bringing History’s Unsung Rebels to Life


Writer-cartoonist Pénélope Bagieu renders the lives of female heroes and artists one panel at a time.
Why You Should Care: Because she’s bringing the lives of extraordinary women of history to light.

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#10: Good Sh*t: Giraffes, Sharks and Doorstops … From Old Flip-Flops


In his Cape Town studio, artist Davis Ndungu transforms old footwear into vibrant, quirky sculptures.
Why You Should Care: These curios weigh next to nothing and are virtually indestructible.

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