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From a rapping news anchor to feminist Philippine rock, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

It’s been a week of impactful departures: protesting U.S. schoolchildren from their classrooms, Rex Tillerson from the White House and, sadly, legendary physicist Stephen Hawking from this dimension. Getting bogged down in the past or present can be easy, but we at OZY are here to keep you looking firmly forward. So this weekend, enjoy this curated playlist of the best stories to binge on.

#1: Download: OZY’s Chart-Topping Podcast Is Back. Listen Now.


In season 2, we’re pulling the thread on the #MeToo movement.
Why You Should Care: Because if you loved season 1 of the Thread, this time round will be even better.

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#2: Watch: This Turkish Retiree Is Saving the Lives of Syrian Refugees


Known affectionately as Baba Cavit, this 65-year-old has helped an estimated 3,500 Syrian refugees in his poor neighborhood.
Why You Should Care: Because charity starts at home — and for some, home is just 400 miles from Aleppo.

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#3: Long Read: The Key to 2018? Asian-Americans in the Suburbs


Party control in Washington is up for grabs, and Asian-Americans in key swing districts could make the difference.
Why You Should Care: Because this demographic could swing the U.S. Congress blue.

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#4: Debate Us: Should the U.S. Meddle in Russia’s Election?


Third Rail With OZY is back, asking where we should draw the line when it comes to revenge.
Why You Should Care: Because maybe it’s time for America to offer Vladimir Putin a bit of payback.

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#5: See Beyond: Uganda’s Rapping News Anchor Takes Her ‘Beat’ Seriously


Lady Slyke and her crew of “rap-orters” reach 2.5 million viewers a week.
Why You Should Care: Because she’s bringing “rhyme and reason” to the people.

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#6: Bottoms Down: Turkey Faces Deadly Drinking Challenge


Spiraling alcohol taxes have Turks reaching for homemade booze — often with deadly consequences.
Why You Should Care: Because moonshine is claiming an unlikely victim.

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#7: True Story: Becoming a Grander Father


Having kids is heavy enough of a life event all on its own. But when your kids start having kids? An event measured in Richters.
Why You Should Care: Because staying up in the cycle of life is not as easy as it sounds.

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#8: Cutting Edge: This Scientist Turned CEO Wants to Gene-Edit a Way to Cure Cancer


Rachel Haurwitz is one of the youngest CEOs in her field, and she’s turning heads.
Why You Should Care: Because she’s set to change medicine, agriculture and biotechnology as we know them.

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#9: Girl Power: Feminist Rock Is Shaking Up the Philippines


These four riot grrrls are loud and proud about being female — and being woke.
Why You Should Care: Because they have Girl Scout–like uniforms, a pink megaphone and punk.

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#10: Meet: The Man Busting Narendra Modi’s Tall Tales


Pratik Sinha founded Alt News, a website exposing the BJP’s efforts to dupe the Indian public.
Why You Should Care: Because his site is telling the Indian people what’s really going on.

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