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From the millennial bringing Nigerian spirituality to YouTube to Wikipedia’s nerd-in-chief, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week, a president resigned in South Africa, a prime minister was nearly indicted in Israel and a supreme leader sent his sister to watch sports in Korea. With the never-ending news cycle, seeing beyond your bubble can be tough. So we’ve made it easy for you. This weekend, sit back, relax and enjoy the very best of OZY from the past seven days.

No. 1: Meet: This Prolific Nerd Is Shaping the Future of Wikipedia

Steven Pruitt has made 2.2 million edits to the world’s biggest encyclopedia — more than anyone else in English.
Why You Should Care: Because Wikipedia is at an adolescent crossroads.

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No. 2: Listen: The Day Louis Forgot His Lines

While recording his hit song “Heebie Jeebies,” Louis Armstrong dropped his lyrics. Jazz has never been the same.
Why You Should Care: Because sometimes accidents make history.

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No. 3: Limber up: Why Big Air Is a Big Deal for Female Snowboarders

Women are finally competing equally with men at the 2018 Winter Olympics, changing the face of the sport.  
Why You Should Care: The appeal of the Olympics is watching athletes elevate themselves and their sport to new heights — sometimes literally. 

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No. 4: Be hopeful: Why Tanzania’s Female Mutilators Are Quitting Cutting

A growing number of “cutters” are dropping the practice of female genital mutilation and choosing alternative professions.
Why You Should Care: Because the economic mode underpinning female genital mutilation is breaking.

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No. 5: Election watch: This Lesbian Air Force Veteran Is Setting Her Eyes on Congress

Gina Ortiz Jones, a Filipina former intelligence officer, left the civil service to run back home in Texas.
Why You Should Care: Because this is a bellwether race for control of Congress.

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No. 6: Stay woke: 7 Books That Put the Fierce Into Black Queer History

These books by LGBTQ authors shine a light on key historical moments.
Why You Should Care: Because these excellent reads are by, and about, those too often silenced.

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No. 7: Believe it or not: America First? The U.S. Has a Military Presence in Almost Every Country

The White House is no fan of the U.N., but it may be cheaper than the alternatives.
Why You Should Care: Because the U.S. may not have to go it alone on international security.

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No. 8: See beyond: How Nigeria’s Millennial Priestess Is Revitalizing Spirituality

Omitonade Ifawemimo is a modern-day sage using social media to teach Orisha spiritual practices.
Why You Should Care: Because ancient practices should be understood, not left in the shadows.

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No. 9: True story: My Briefest of Brushes With the Brilliance of Belushi

While Rolling Stone ranked him the greatest SNL cast member of all time — over Eddie Murphy — our time with the late John Belushi? Sealed the deal.
Why You Should Care: Because funny seems to be in very short supply these days.

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No. 10: Go there: Djibouti’s Booming Nightlife Scene — Fueled by Foreign Militaries

Foreign bases have flocked to the Horn of Africa, leading to a secondary boom in tourism.
Why You Should Care: One of the world’s tiniest countries is preparing to surprise the world again.

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