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From entertaining Syrian refugees to eating Oregon truffles, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

With trade wars, nuclear talks and spy poisonings in the news, it’s been a wild week worthy of an Oscar-winning flick. Amid all the craziness, it can be hard to take a step back, see beyond the headlines and make sense of where the world is headed. OZY’s here to help you out — here is your curated playlist for the weekend, featuring the best of OZY from the past seven days. 

No. 1: See beyond: Why Cities Are Starting to Shun Sewers

Developing countries can’t afford Western-style sewer networks, but their workarounds may be even better.
Why You Should Care: Because we need to change how we deal with our sh*t.

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No. 2: Watch: What Silicon Valley Superwomen Are Reading

These eight women working on the front lines of tech share what’s on their bookshelves.
Why You Should Care: Because we can all aspire to read like superwomen.

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No. 3: Be inspired: Meet the Muppet Bringing Joy to Syrian Refugees

Orange-haired Tonton and her band of fellow puppets are bringing education to refugee communities in the Middle East.
Why You Should Care: Because these kids need a wild-haired creature in their lives.

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No. 4: Stay smart: The Gun Debate Is Starting to Divide Democrats

Many Democratic leaders want strict new regulations, but that’s haunting some of this year’s candidates.
Why You Should Care: Because the Republican Party isn’t the only one divided on gun control. 

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No. 5: In the ring: The Rise of the Self-Promoting Brawler

A growing number of boxers are no longer content with just brawling while promoters decide their wealth. They want to own their future.
Why You Should Care:  Because a new era of boxing could be on the anvil.

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No. 6: Recipe: The World’s Biggest Buñuelo

These tennis ball–size treats are a Colombian specialty. But at El Peregrino in Sabaneta, Medellín, they come a whole lot bigger.
Why You Should Care: Because bigger is always better when it comes to fried dough.

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No. 7: Need to Know: Meet the Man Behind Trump’s Trade War

Peter Navarro has long believed China’s economic advancement will be the downfall of America. For the first time, the president is listening to him. 
Why You Should Care: Because he has the president’s ear — and is in the running to fill Gary Cohn’s shoes.

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No. 8: Pet love: I Spent $17,000 to Save a Life: My Cat’s

How much would you spend to save the life of a friend? What if that friend was a cat?
Why You Should Care: Because unless your pet is a tortoise, it’s something you’ll have to consider.

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No. 9: America first: These Brothers Are Making Patriotism Cool Again

Through their military-focused lifestyle brand, Tyler and Daniel Merritt promote “unapologetic” patriotism.
Why You Should Care: Because personal style can be political.

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No. 10: Whet your appetite: Your Next Serving of Truffles Should Be From Oregon

The Beaver State is serving up fancy fungi that might be just as good as the imported varieties.  
Why You Should Care: Because once you’ve tried Oregon, you might never go back.

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