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From the rise of doggy tourism to the woman overseeing Chicago’s school security, here’s the best of OZY this week.

By OZY Editors

This week, Amazon entered the health care game; President Trump entered the cross-party game; and the hype started building for Sunday’s big game. With all the noise, you might have missed some of the tastiest treats served up to you by OZY. Here is the best of the best — so sit back and enjoy the week’s highlights.

#1: Be Smart: Asia’s Energy Revolution Could Kill Trump’s Coal-Powered Dreams


Shifts in Indian and Chinese energy markets mean an American coal revival is looking increasingly unlikely.
Why you should care: A key campaign promise may soon be on the ropes.


#2: Meet: Chicago’s Tough — But Its School Security Chief Is Tougher


Jadine Chou is bringing unorthodox approaches to protecting the Windy City’s 370,000 public school kids.
Why you should care: Because school and safety should be synonymous.


#3: See Beyond: Conservative Pakistan’s Transgender Rising


Criminalized and victimized for more than a century, Pakistan’s transgender community is now fighting — and winning — like never before. 
Why you should care: A conservative nation is slowly embracing a long-marginalized community.


#4: Behind the Headlines: You Haven’t Seen the Last of Andrew McCabe


Forced out this week, the FBI deputy director had a role in investigations into Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that will only get more scrutiny.
Why you should care: Because he is a central figure in the battle for the FBI’s reputation.



#5: On the Bright Side: Why Cape Town’s Crippling Water Crisis Isn’t All Bad


Facing the chilling prospect of running out of drinking water, the community is doing some serious good sh*t to help.
Why you should care: Because we all could better understand how much H20 we use.


#6: Pack Your Bags: Every Dog Has Its Holi-Day — The Rise of Pet Travelers


From planes to hotels and even governments, pets are finding themselves increasingly welcomed.
Why you should care: Because traveling with four-legged family members is getting easier.


#7: Believe It or Not: The Curious History Behind Your Favorite Cocktail


Meet Dr. J.G.B. Siegert, the Prussian military man who stumbled upon what became mixologists’ must-have ingredient.
Why you should care: Because the best cocktails are often created by accident.


#8: Take Action: The Change Hollywood Really Needs to Make


This week, OZY launched a partnership with DoSomething.org to help you see more, be more and DO more. 
Why you should care: Because many of us are tired of never seeing ourselves on TV or in the movies.


#9: Did You Know? Why College Campus Populations Are Shrinking


A new report shows a steady decline in on-campus enrollment in higher education, while online numbers rise.
Why you should care: Because the future of higher education is flexible.


#10: Look Back: How to Bridge a Divided Nation: Lessons From the Open Road


OZY traveled across America for a year and found a huge opportunity for President Trump — if he can seize it.
Why you should care: Because America could use an overhaul.



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