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Because while you want to keep your friends close, you probably want to keep your enemies closer.

By Tom Gorman and Eugene S. Robinson

Video by Tom Gorman. Part 1 of 3.

Organized crime wasn’t born in New York City. But it sure as hell is the place where the mob made its bones, put its big-boy shoes on and went about changing the face of America in ways that are not only still with us, but also poised to frame the future. In a knuckled-up travelogue, OZY uncovers incredibly strange stories sitting not far below the surface of power, crime, collusion and a certain amount of mystery.

With our host Eugene S. Robinson, a native son of the city and a chronicler of its underbelly, we get an unvarnished take on pre-Knapp Commission New York to find out where the bodies are buried, literally, with the help of those who know this part of the city best: cops. So from dishing on Mafia dump sites to dynamic murdering duos, we cover the nuts and bolts of ferreting them out, and the impending dangers running right up to the thin blue line.

A complex, crazy tale of the city and its machinations around crime.


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