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Women in Pain

Women in Pain

By OZY Editors



How women have battled, and continue to battle, a sexist system.

By OZY Editors

Women have often been mistreated by the medical community, from diagnoses of “hysteria” and other sexist, sometimes downright misogynistic, garbage to life-threatening operations. Even today, women report adverse health outcomes when their doctors don’t listen to them.

This OZY original series delves into issues of health and well-being specific to women, past, present and future, and the people seeking to improve the situation across the world.

Breaking the Silence: Womb Violence in Croatia

An OZY investigation has uncovered a horrifying trend in Croatia: Women having an abortion, miscarrying, giving birth or other obstetric procedures have routinely been denied anesthesia by doctors and hospitals. When one woman went public, she voiced the feelings many had been living with — and unleashed an avalanche of public sentiment that has been compared to the #MeToo movement.

Why Sex Matters at the Pharmacy

Despite the fact that men and women often respond to prescription drugs differently — and women are far more likely to report adverse reactions — research on the subject rarely influences medical guidelines. In fact, only one drug has different recommended prescription doses for men and women: Ambien.

Lydia Pinkham’s ‘Women’s Tonic’

In 1876, Lydia Pinkham began marketing an herbal compound, both as a way to support her family and as a response to a medical establishment that largely ignored or minimized women’s medical complaints. While her invention is still for sale today, Pinkham was widely trolled and dismissed as a quack in a way male doctors were not.

The Failed Sex Research of Napoleon’s Great-Grandniece

Marie Bonaparte was not just a French princess; she was also a pioneering sex researcher of female pleasure who refused to accept the lack of answers for her own conditions. That led, in some ways, to disaster.

The Lawyer Leading the Way to Divorce for Orthodox Jews

While divorce exists in Orthodox communities, it can be difficult for women to obtain a get, or official document of divorce, from their husbands. Without the get, they can’t remarry. Keshet Starr’s nonprofit is advocating on these women’s behalf, helping them escape a form of domestic abuse as well as helping new couples sign a Jewish prenuptial agreement, the halachic prenup.

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