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Because it’s never too late to give (or get) the perfect gift.

By OZY Editors

Christmas Eve it may be, but it’s never too late to procure the perfect gift — for you or for someone else. (Thanks, Internet!) And lucky for you, OZY has some Good Sh*t that flat-out delighted us, and our readers: 

Take the Baconer. Mmmm … bacon. Americans ate about $4 billion worth in 2013, prompting some to wonder whether we’ve taken our bacon obsession too far. Never! Exhibit A: the Baconer, a novelty bacon maker from the ’70s. Its raison d’être is to get your meat crispy-licious, keeping the flavor and losing the fat (which drains into a tray at its base). Toasterlike in design, it’s basically a sideways George Foreman grill. It’s pretty idiot-proof to use. You fold strips of bacon over its raised center, pressing up its sides like a sandwich toaster. Then you select “More crisp” or “Less crisp” on the dial. Yes, that’s the exact wording. A few minutes of toasting, and you’re ready to get your bacon on. These days you can find them only online or at rummage sales, but someday, we hope, the oversight will be rectified. 

You could also give — or get — the power of portable cinematic joy, via Aiptek MobileCinema i55. The name is the only inelegant thing about it. Weighing in at about 5.6 ounces and able to plug right into your iPhone or whatever, it blasts a 5-foot-plus image of what’s on your screen onto the wall. It’s so cool that words barely exist to explain why minimizing your mass just got good. But here it is, simply put: This is big-screen projection TV without the screen or the TV. Off of your phone.

The old expression seems more apt the older we get: It’s the thought that counts.

For those of us who are past our IKEA days but still move around a lot, there’s this: the Sactional, modular sitting furniture that you can twist and fit into most spaces. (So long, sofa surgeon!) Its movie lounger, for example, can jigsaw into armchairs, an L-shaped sectional, a guest bed and a chaise.Though modular has been big in Europe for a while, retailers are starting to sell furniture in the U.S. with an urban sensibility and to a younger demographic that rents and likely moves often. Alas, they’re not cheap: One of the smaller sets starts at around $3,000. 

When it comes to gifts, though, the old expression seems more apt the older we get: It’s the thought that counts. And what better way to show thoughtfulness than to make the gift yourself? We promise, we won’t call you a hipster, and we’re not recommending brownie mix in a jar. Best of all, most of the DIY gifts we covet can be made and given at the last minute: watercolor mugs, dream catchers, infused simple syrups and planters that hold books. Get cracking.  

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