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Moving Images: Transportation in the Global South

By Sam Wolson


Think of the global south as lots of NYCs — but without subway systems.

Some of the most pressing issues are so ubiquitous that they become invisible. But often, it is exactly these issues that are fundamental to our way of life. Take transportation: It is far more than a means of getting from A to B. Transportation is a gateway to opportunity and a reflection of a country’s class and gender relations, economic stability, political history and culture. It’s also arguably a basic right.

In a time when nearly


of future population growth will take place in cities of the global south, and with more than


of the world’s population living in cities, transportation is more important than ever.

This series explores its role in three cities of the global south: Bogotá, Colombia; São Paulo, Brazil; and Nairobi, Kenya. In each city, transportation takes on a unique form. From Bogotá’s innovative use of the BRT (bus rapid transit) system, which has since become a model for countries around the world, to Nairobi’s informal and often dangerous Matatu mini bus system, to a highway in São Paulo that becomes a unique public space each week.

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