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Is a Spoon the Most Romantic Valentine's Gift Ever?

Is a Spoon the Most Romantic Valentine's Gift Ever?

By Lauren Cocking



Because each lovespoon is carved with a love story.

By Lauren Cocking

Pragmatic and ubiquitous, wooden kitchen utensils don’t immediately scream passion. And yet, in Wales, there’s nothing more romantic than a lovespoon. The smooth curve of the spoon’s bowl— a reminder of the craft’s once utilitarian past — is a given, but aside from that, each should be as individual as the last, decorated with anything from delicate daffodil reliefs to corkscrewed stems to interlinked horseshoes. 

Found in many Welsh living rooms — even Gwen has one on her wall in the BBC sitcom Gavin & Stacey — these handicrafts are more than just traditional trinkets; they’re elaborately carved expressions of love, loyalty and affection. So stir things up this Valentine’s Day, skip the sad gas-station bouquets and sickly sweet chocolates and give the gift of a Welsh lovespoon instead. Or at least start carving one for next year.  

Engraved lovespoons

They make great wedding gifts too, as seen by this display from  Castle Welsh Crafts in Cardiff.

Source Lauren Cocking

You’d be just the latest in a long line of suitors bidding for the heart of their beloved by way of a wooden spoon. “Their original purpose was purely utilitarian, but over time they became gradually more intricate and symbolic,” notes Lowri Jenkins, National Museum Wales’ senior curator of cultural life. But by at least 1667 — the approximate date of the earliest surviving lovespoon — they had turned into something of a pre-courtship custom. Gifted as a shorthand for “will you be my girlfriend?” ornate versions with laboriously carved sentiments became the human equivalent to a peacock displaying its plumage. Nowadays, lovespoons have morphed into a catchall Welsh handicraft, created for anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. “It’s a tradition for wedding guests to gift married couples with engraved lovespoons,” adds Jenkins. 

lovespoons v1

When done well a lovespoon provides an at-a-glance glimpse into the relationship between gifter and giftee. The “design needs to be well-balanced … and the story behind it should be easy to read,” according to commission-only carver and woodworking teacher Sharon Littley — who, incidentally, wrote the book on lovespoon designs. Hearts dominate, but diamonds (good fortune) and intertwined knotwork (everlasting union) are also common. Meanwhile, balls in a cage stand for the number of children you have, while intricate chainlinks represent the years you’ve spent together. There’s no room for the old ball and chain puns where the romantic symbolism of a Welsh lovespoon is concerned.


It’s no wonder these intimate objects — often decorated with Welsh motifs like daffodils (the national flower of Wales) and dragons (for strength and protection) — become, as Jenkins notes, “treasured pieces within families [that] are handed down from generation to generation.” 

Modern designs

Even these more modern designs incorporate the essential lovespoon bowl.

Source Sion Llewellyn

Lovespoons, which should always be carved from a single piece of wood, can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Or more accurately, as you can afford. But if you fancy knocking up a lovespoon yourself in a woodworking class, you might want to start carving now for next year. Littley spends at least 60 hours on a custom design that can run upward of $650 and take months to complete, while fellow prolific lovespoon carver Sion Llewellyn says his commissioned spoons “can be turned around in about four to six weeks.” 

And while the market for Welsh lovespoons is perhaps strongest in their country of origin — all shapes, sizes and price points are abundant in both souvenir and specialist shops across Wales — there is also international demand. Both Littley and Llewellyn have seen success in Japan, Canada and the U.S., with Llewellyn — who has collectors of his spoons scattered across the globe — explaining that “the market for traditional lovespoons is steady at the moment as people are prepared to pay that bit more for a quality item.” 

Xt20a0860  xt20a0870

Top: A twisted stem signifying two lives becoming one, as well as a diamond for good fortune and a chunky framed heart surrounded by chip-carving detail. Bottom: A more elegant spoon, also featuring diamonds and hearts, includes a floral silhouette, which represents growth and affection. The number of petals can signify years spent together, age or a unique number to the recipient.

Source Courtesy of Sion Llewellyn

Alternatively, if you find yourself in Wales, Castle Welsh Crafts, opposite Cardiff Castle, is the ideal introductory spot for the lovespoon-curious. This Welsh gift emporium is home to the once-biggest-in-the-world lovespoon, as well as the improbably tiny matchstick-sized smallest one. And they ship their (normal-sized) lovespoons internationally on request. Down the coast in Swansea, The Lovespoon Gallery specializes in artisanal spoons, including Llewellyn’s designs. 

Whether your partner carves one himself, picks one up pre-made or commissions a one-off, the gift of a Welsh wooden spoon shows he’s at least somewhat serious about wooing you. Besides, a little (love)spooning never hurt anyone. 

A lovespoon display in Castle Welsh Crafts

Treble clefs, dragons, horseshoes and Celtic knotwork are also popular lovespoon motifs. 

Source Lauren Cocking

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