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6 Summertime Treats to Beat the Heat

6 Summertime Treats to Beat the Heat

By OZY Editors



August is for ice cream sandwiches and slushies.

By OZY Editors

One of the best things about summer? The soaring temperatures give us an excuse to stuff our faces with all manner of heat-beating treats — which are, of course, laden with sugar and cream and chocolate … and did we say sugar? Some even come infused with booze. 

So when you want to cool down, here are some of the coolest ways to do it. 

The Chocolaty, Buttery Ice Cream Sandwich for Adults

Alcoholic Slushies That Will Knock You Off Your Feet

On a hot day, what’s better than an ice-cold, fruity slushie? How about an ice-cold, fruity slushie with booze? Wet Willie’s is a chain of daiquiri bars serving up frozen drinks that pack a powerful punch of sugar and alcohol. From the very strong Attitude Improvement (featuring tangy orange with 190-proof grain alcohol and two types of Bacardi rum) to the even stronger Call a Cab (cherry and strawberry with grain alcohol and rum), Wet Willie’s doesn’t hold back on the flavors or the booze. Visit one of its southeastern U.S. locations for a psychedelic experience.


Ultra-Posh Ice Cream Burgers

At a fancy, five-star Hong Kong restaurant, the summer sandwich gets a high-class makeover … and is transformed into five internationally themed ice cream hamburgers. Picture this: caramelized watermelon seeds, custard vanilla cream, crumbled cookies, melt-in-your-mouth bonbons and giant dollops of creamy chocolate ice cream — all sandwiched between two chocolate brioche buns fresh from the oven. They’re so big you might need to bring a friend along to help devour one. And share the bill: These gourmet desserts also come with a gourmet price tag.

Weird, But Delicious, Candy Floss Cones

This is an ice cream option you likely haven’t seen before: Baby blue swirls of sea salt soft serve resting atop a fluffy cloud of fairy (or candy) floss, with a sprinkle of popcorn and glazed marshmallows balanced on top. At Aqua S in Sydney, Australia, you’ll find all manner of unusual offerings, starting with the soft serve flavors. Yes, there are staples, like dark chocolate and salted caramel. But there’s also taro, black sesame and lychee. And tomato. Pick your fave flave, then go wild with sticky topping options. Pro tip: Get lots of napkins.

Strangest Ice Cream Flavors

Can’t make it to Australia for your crazy-flavored cone? Los Angeles’ Scoops serves up some pretty odd-sounding flavors. If the “Cuban cigar” doesn’t do it for you, then the “lemon yogurt honey Butterfinger” definitely will. There’s also “peanut butter banana bacon ice cream” and “Guinness coffee” (which genuinely tastes like frozen Guinness). But flavor creation isn’t about being weird, according to the owner; “it’s about discovery” — crazy and unfamiliar combinations that are also tasty. You’ll need to eat it on the spot, though: The creamy and soft homemade treats melt fast. 

The Tastiest Shave Ice You’ll Ever Have

Forget any snow cone you’ve tried. Definitely not the same thing (snow cones are made with crushed ice) … and absolutely not the same taste. The shave ice concoctions at Loco Coco are the craft cocktails of ice treats: handmade with extra-tropical toppings, like bits of fresh fruit and a coconut-cream drizzle. The delightfully syruped stuff will melt in your mouth like fresh powder snow the morning after an overnight dusting. Where can you get your new favorite dessert-slash-snack? Well, you’ll likely need to hop on a plane …

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