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Car Shopping? This May Be Your Biggest Debate

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Why you should care

Because there’s no one-fits-all answer. 

Video by Scott Sinkler

When it comes to buying a car, everyone’s got an opinion. Some budget-minded folks will tell you that opting for a used ride is the only reasonable option. Others will make a case for the long-term value of leasing. The truth? According to Jim Manelis, head of direct lending at Chase Auto, that really depends on you. There is no one perfect car. 

There is no one perfect car.


For Yaritsa Esteves, a recent college graduate on the hunt for her first car, Manelis cites outdoor parking in Brooklyn as a major strike against leasing. “Remember, you have to return this car,” he says. “It has to be in pretty good shape because they’re going to want to turn it around and sell it.” Curious about your own situation? Watch the video for more insider knowledge. 


Numbers and factoids — fodder for your next cocktail party.