• About OZY

    About OZY

    When we launched OZY, we had a big idea.

    Instead of bringing you yet another news site pulling together the latest stories from across the Web, we wanted to give you something better. We wanted to give you a news site you actually loved.

    From the start, we promised only original content, focused not simply on where the world is but, more importantly, where the world is going. And every morning, we set out to profile the people, places, trends and technology that are ahead of their time and worthy of yours.

    Since our launch, more than 200 OZY stories have been at least three to six months ahead of their coverage in other major media outlets. And our audience has grown to 40 million monthly readers, viewers and listeners who enjoy our work across our various platforms -- our site, social feeds, newsletters, podcasts, television shows, partners and more. Additionally, our audience has enjoyed OZY via our terrific partners including NPR, NY Times, USA Today, TED and iHeart.

    Fresh, interesting bent to [them] that goes beyond what the major media outlets are doing
    Source: David Callaway, USA Today Editor in Chief

    Today, OZY is no longer just an idea. It’s proof that with the right team, the right design and the right mission, news can be edgy and educational, informative and inspiring — all at the same time.

    Want some references? Just ask our contributors, like Bill Gates, Condoleezza Rice and Bill Clinton, who see us as a signpost to the future. Ask our friends at Nearpod, who are taking OZY into the classroom and using our stories to empower students to think bigger. And ask our audience — a relentlessly curious global community — who tell us often how OZY is showing that more is possible. And, for the winners of the OZY Genius Awards, inspiring them to make more possible.

    That’s what drives us at OZY: the idea that more is possible. And we’re not afraid to challenge assumptions about the way the world is in order to see the world the way it could be. That conviction is right in our name. Yup, it’s from the Percy Bysshe Shelley poem “Ozymandias.” And yup, most folks read that poem as a caution against big egos and the impermanence of power.

    We read it differently. To us, the poem says think big, but be humble , lest you end up “two vast and trunkless legs…in the desert.”

    We know that’s an unconventional interpretation. And that’s who we are. Because in a world littered with conformity, we like to see things differently. We hope, through OZY, you will too.

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