Masks Off! Biden Welcomes Pandemic Milestone

Americans can breathe easy again. In what U.S. President Joe Biden hailed as a “milestone” yesterday, health officials have said vaccinated people can now go mainly maskless in...

Israel Weighs Gaza Ground Offensive as Fighting Escalates

Israel intensified attacks on Gaza this morning, the fifth day of hostilities with Palestinian militants that risks turning into a full-blown war. The death toll from this week’s...

AOC Vs MTG: Pelosi Condemns Greene’s Verbal Attack

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has denounced Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's “verbal assault” of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, saying the incident might have to go before...

Sources Say Ransom Paid to Colonial Pipeline Hackers

Colonial Pipeline paid $5 million in ransom money, or rather in Bitcoin, to hackers who shut down its operations. Sources said the company, which serves most of the East Coast’s...


2019 OZY Fest T-Shirt

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The OZY News Quiz

What was the event that sparked the this week's Israeli-Palestinian violence? Test your knowledge.

Chiney Ogwumike Is the New Face of Sports Media

Chiney Ogwumike, former Rookie of the Year, two-time WNBA All-Star and the first Black woman to host an ESPN radio show? Oh, yes.

Why the Future is HBCU

Historically Black Colleges and Universities have played a pivotal role in American higher education for the last 150 years, awarding degrees to students who have gone on to become some of America’s finest innovators, leaders and revolutionaries.

Lala Milan Reveals the Secret to Her Social Media Success

Because when you see her face everywhere, you're going to want to say you knew her first.

Dr. Oz, as You’ve Never Seen Him Before!

Dr Oz’s talks about his quest to uplift black doctors and about how to live a long, healthy life.

The OZY News Quiz

How much revenue does Pfizer expect to make from its COVID-19 vaccine this year? Test your knowledge.


Can Dirty Crypto Turn Clean and Green?

Cryptocurrency mining consumes massive amounts of energy.

The Piano Is Her Weapon of Change in Saudi Arabia

Abeer Balubaid is Saudi Arabia's first professional female pianist, rising at a time the kingdom is taking baby steps toward cultural reforms.

Need a New Heart? Get It From Space

Space stations and satellites could be the most sophisticated factories of the future.


Are Bunnies the Secret to Curing Cancer?

Grant McFadden spent years studying a deadly virus in rabbits.

Butterfly Effect: Guess Who Gains From a Burning Jerusalem?

The fresh cycle of violence could rescue Israel's embattled prime minister and bolster the militant Palestinian group Hamas.

Butterfly Effect: Has America Lost India's Trust?

The Biden administration's surprising delay in offering help to one of its closest partners amid a COVID-19 crisis threatens to undermine a vital friendship.

Butterfly Effect: Is Biden Ready for a Hot Summer?

Ukraine, Taiwan and the Middle East look set to boil over, testing Biden's bandwidth and America's resolve.

Butterfly Effect: The Next Pandemic Vaccines Might Come From Rwanda

The West's vaccine nationalism has sparked a parallel movement for vaccine sovereignty among poorer nations.

Butterfly Effect: Is China Ready to Step Up in Afghanistan?

Only China, among major nations, has influence over the multiple factions bracing for a fresh war in Afghanistan.


The Funniest Listens of the Week

Everyone can use a good laugh.

Hey Batter Batter! The Boys of Summer Are Back!

With the 2021 season underway, we look at what the hell happened to the baseball we knew to see whether it can once again become America’s favorite pastime.

OZY Fest Is Back: May 15-16

Party like it matters at our virtual celebration of bold change and big ideas.

How to Suck Less at ... Starting a Theater Company

Lydia Parker, Yank expat, goes to London to teach Brits a few things about theater … and now she can tell you how to do it right.


Jane Levy? Arrived. In One Piece? Just About

Jane Levy can sing, dance and entertain you — all at the same time.

Flashback Quiz

New research has shown that antibodies from what animal neutralize the coronavirus?.

The Monk Who's Helping the World Navigate Meditation, One Day at a Time

A monk left the monastery and is on a mission to help people explore themselves — and all he needs from you is 10 minutes a day.

Machine Gun Mundo Against the World

Machine Gun Mundo, a hitman, had freely chosen to be a criminal and that worked.

Werner Herzog, the Wrath of God and Great Films Galore

The cinema of director Werner Herzog confounds and confuses.

The Cold, Comic Crush of Mr. J.B. Smoove

JB Smoove, is one of the hardest-working comedians in show business.

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