The Future: It's Electrifying!

Load shedding. That’s what we in South Africa call the scheduled electricity cuts citizens around the country regularly face. It’s so routine, in fact, that the state power utility has launched an app to tell you when and for how long to expect to be in the dark — so you know whether to cook dinner early! South Africa, like much of the wider world, looks set to benefit from the global movement away from fossil fuels to clean sources of electrification. In today’s Sunday Magazine, you’ll learn about one organization that’s doing exactly that. We also look at how solar is taking the rest of the world by storm, from the rise of electric cars in the U.S., to e-rickshaws in Bangladesh, to floating solar panel farms in Singapore and Japan’s ambitious plan to install solar panels on the roof of every home. This is certainly solar electricity’s moment in the sun.


Coming Up: Tokyo’s Crazy, Unlikely Olympics

What are they even doing? It’s a valid question when most Japanese oppose holding the delayed 2020 Olympics that began yesterday amid a wave of contagion. But the Games are...

Story of the Week: Will the South Rise Against the Virus?

They’re taking up arms. Resisting health officials’ inoculation entreaties has been a political calling card across Southern, heavily Republican states. But surging cases spurred...

US Delegation Exits Haiti After Tense Funeral

Solemn it wasn’t. The sound of gunfire marred Friday’s funeral of assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, sending a U.S. delegation home prematurely. Cries of “justice for...

Dow Hits Record Days After Sell-Off

Nothing to see here, folks. Wall Street cruised to new highs on Friday, with the Dow stock index topping a record 35,000. It was a striking recovery from anxiety over COVID-19’s...


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The OZY News Quiz

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Escape Velocity: The Road To Space

Pioneering civilian space tourists are blasting off.

The New Face of Crime

At my small college in rural New Hampshire, crime is virtually nonexistent.

Cry, the Beloved Country: A Letter From South Africa

It’s the worst violence South Africa has seen since liberation hero Nelson Mandela walked free from prison and laid the foundations for the “Rainbow Nation” three decades ago.

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Health Care Is Not Lost in Translation With This App

If you need urgent hospital care AND a translator, that spells trouble.

Meet the Community Activist Who’s Standing Up to Gentrification

OGA winner Marcinia Johnson is digging in and fighting hard for affordable housing for seniors in Charlotte.


Butterfly Effect: Can Biden Be a ‘Good Hombre’?

From Haiti to Nicaragua and Cuba to Colombia, Latin America is in turmoil.

Butterfly Effect: Big Tech Is Uniting the World ... Against It

Increasingly authoritarian regimes, from India to Mexico and Nigeria to Poland are using American arguments to curb free speech on social media.

Butterfly Effect: The New Sultan of Kabul?

Can Biden advance global democracy by turning to autocrats like Turkey's Erdogan for help? .

Can Citizens' Assemblies Reset Democracy?

At a time when populism and polarization are tearing democracy apart, giving citizens a sense of greater involvement in policymaking could be the antidote.

Butterfly Effect: Chinese Communism Turns 100. Will It Live to 200?

It's a special birthday for the world's most influential political party.

Butterfly Effect: It's Time to Wake Up to Nigeria's Nightmare

Africa's biggest economy and most populous nation is on the cusp of imploding under multiple security threats.


If We Ever Go On Vacations Again

If this COVID crap ever ends, you'll want to get away.

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Party like it matters at our virtual celebration of bold change and big ideas.


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Being a hip guitarist? A cool career.

The Few, the Proud, the Suicidal

If you think joining the military is an easy solution to some of life's problems, you might be totally wrong.

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