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Your Sneak Peek at the Democratic National Convention

Your Sneak Peek at the Democratic National Convention

By Nick Fouriezos


Because we’re here — why shouldn’t you be too?

By Nick Fouriezos

Welcome to Philly, baby. No, we can’t get you a cheesesteak or stroll with you to the Liberty Bell. But we can give you a window into how the next four years may unfold. The crucial, historic and sometimes messy ritual of formally nominating a presidential candidate started in Cleveland and continues here at the Democratic National Convention.

First, however, let’s look back to the duly departed: Bernie Sanders. For all his game-changing rhetoric, his endorsement of Hillary Clinton means there will be no revolt on the convention floor. But fear not, Bernie-ites: The 74-year-old’s mark on progressive politics will last far after that berning feeling is gone, through a roster of potential future Bernies, including Hawaiian veteran Tulsi Gabbard, who surfed with OZY last fall.


But the lights will shine brightest on the lady of the week, Clinton, and she has never feared that spotlight. Will she be a daredevil with her words, or are we in for the doldrums, with a safe candidate playing it safe once more when she gives her address this week? The answer will likely depend on decisions that’ll be made in part by some of Clinton’s insiders, who may be weighing in on issues such as what her Obamacare could be or how the former first lady could pull off an electoral landslide to prove that her rise is a mandate from the people, not the elites.

Every convention has its rising stars too. While she doesn’t have a speaking slot, we’ll be watching Massachusetts’ Maura Healey, America’s first openly gay attorney general, as one of the party’s up-and-comers. And will a lesser-known, local name — perhaps the white knight vying for Pennsylvania’s top lawyering gig, Josh Shapiro — shine in his backyard of Philadelphia? We’ll find out soon enough, but stay tuned for all of the latest twists and turns here. 

 Video source: CBS News 

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