Young People Lifted Their Voices, But Was It Loud Enough? - OZY | A Modern Media Company


Because maybe the apple is falling a little farther from the tree.

On Wednesday morning, a majority of young America woke up to a different world — one in which the biggest source of stress wasn’t a mere lower-than-hoped-for SAT score or college rejection letter. 

Although turnout rates are still being calculated, we do know that a majority of young and first-time voters sided with Clinton, while older America went with Trump. Millennials now make up almost a third of the voting population.

This generation has long been called “entitled.” But if anything, this election has shown that millennials deserve a new moniker: frustrated. Just hours before the election results were in, OZY reporter Nat Roe convened a group of conservative and liberal millennials at the University of Georgia to talk generational divide, changing media messengers and why this generation deserves a seat at the table.

Q: Do you think the candidates, the pollsters and the public should have focused more on millennials?

Q: The University of Georgia had voter-registration drives and polling places set up on campus. Some schools have talked about making voter registration an automatic part of freshman orientation. Do you think this is a trend we will and should see on other campuses to mobilize this growing population of voters?

Q: What would a millennial presidential campaign look like? Do you think a millennial would be ready for the presidency?

Q:How hard is it to be conservative on campus?

Q: Do millennials still seek out news and information from mainstream news outlets?

Q: What do we want the rest of the world to know about this generation? Why do you think we’re always played down when we deserve a seat at the table?

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