Why you should care

Because those with attitudes hostile to our country’s principles should be vetted, particularly if they are running for president.

It’s time to anticipate Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office in just the sort of fashion such a scene demands — a comic strip. In TRUMP, the Presidency, OZY explores how a President Trump might make America great again. Watch for our latest installment every Thursday.

In this third volume — “Barriers to Entry” — President Trump unveils his plan to keep Muslims out of America. In our first volume — “Congress, You’re Fired” — President Trump precipitated a constitutional crisis with his Supreme Court pick, and in the second volume — “The Great Wall of America” — labor problems threatened to derail his first big domestic project. In the fourth — “Rogue Warfare” — he sends two special emissaries overseas to handle ISIS and North Korea. In the fifth volume — “The Art of the Steal” — President Trump shows Vladimir Putin the art of the deal.



The route to the White House: news, stories and analysis from on and off the presidential campaign trail.