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Rock star credibility?

Once you stop laughing at how fast, fleeting and ridiculous of a thing that might be and if it even exists at all, we’d ask you to consider the band synonymous with ’80s excess, Mötley Crüe.

ALWAYS easy to drag the unsuspecting but passionate music lover into the shallow waters of long and intense arguments over them. Like: Did late-’80s indie darlings Fugazi have more integrity than stalwarts Mötley Crüe?

Part tribute, part elegy, part mockery, we hoist a glass of goodbye to Mötley Crüe…

Group of 4 band members called the Motley Crue posing for camera

Mötley Screwed?

Source: Corbis

Simple question but not so simple answer, even if to the musos and music critics the debate was a stark slam dunk: earnest, political and socially mindful D.C. musicians versus living and breathing rock star near-caricatures whose penchant for strippers, drink and drugs was legendary and immortalized in just about everything they wrote, lived or did.

Fugazi? Well, who the hell knows? But the smart money was on Crüe. While you may not have liked, been interested, shared or even held what they did in any esteem, their world view never veered very far from an honestly and earnestly nurtured interest in what they did. Namely: strippers, drink and drugs.

So, part tribute, part elegy, part mockery, OZY’s Deputy Editor Eugene S. Robinson hoists a glass of good-bye to Mötley Crüe as they stumble ahead on their farewell tour — a tour that’s already been busted loose from its moorings as all manner of onstage chaos ensues. Together they’ll shout at their devils for what certainly won’t be the last time for each of them individually.

But collectively? Mötley Crüe is dead. Get your tickets now!

Video by OZY video producer Tom Gorman

Eugene Robinson

Eugene S. Robinson


Eugene S. Robinson digs that which can be dug from the business end of culture cool + aims to look as stylish as possible while doing so. He also has a "sunny" personality. And, yes, you can keep those quote marks right where they are.


Why you should care

Because irony dies on the cross of Mötley Crüe’s distinct interest in the successes of excess.