Tommy Nguyen




    Born and raised in downtown San Jose, Tommy bounced around as a very little kid, home to home, between a divorced dad there and his mom down in L.A. When his parents put him up for adoption, he proceeded to raise himself on cartoons. To this day he’s fascinated with Marvel superheroes, DC Comics characters and Pokemon.

    At 17, Tommy swore an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution — fancy way of saying he joined the Army. You see, he wasn’t sure what to do after high school but knew a GED was not a ticket to wherever it was he wanted to go. While serving, he also went to community college and worked part-time. The Army, and this period of his life, yielded a ton of lessons and gave the six-year decorated veteran skills that he still uses.

    Here at OZY, Tommy is the gatekeeper for all matters related to security, network schema, infrastructure setup, and maintenance. If the tribe sets to howling about fallen Wi-Fi, Tommy comes to the rescue. If a photo editor forgets her log-ins for the sixth time, Tommy comes to the rescue. If Dahl can’t figure out how to print … Are you getting the picture?

    The second-best-dressed staffer next to Cameo George (sorry, Dahl), Tommy prefers Windows to Mac, which, at a media organization, is like speaking Uzbek in Ohio. Luckily, he digs a challenge. To his credit, he loves dogs, not cats. He also changes hairstyle to match his mood, and he’s an enthusiastic outdoorsman — from rock climbing to hiking and snowboarding.

    The local Starbucks baristas think Tommy’s name is Bruce Wayne. To us, he’s Superman.

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