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    Leroy adds up … in all but height. Obsessed with numbers, sports and dreams of MLB greatness, the Oakland native knew, after topping out at 5’5”, that it was time for Plan B. So he’s decided to crunch numbers as an OZY All-Star instead.

    Our new accountant earned his degree at San Jose State University and recently — thanks to gallons of Philz Coffee — passed a “brutal” CPA exam. A middle child, Leroy was raised in Stockton, California, and says his younger brother and older sister think of him as someone who is happiest doing his own thing. He has visited his parents’ native Philippines, where he’s had a chance to practice speaking Tagalog, but he hopes to travel more widely and to relax on beaches in places like Ibiza and Hawaii in the next few years.

    A lover of all sports — except soccer (that requires too much stamina, he says) — Leroy finds time to hit the turf for his weekly flag football league, as well as baseball and basketball matches. Mixing his love of stats with athletics, he’s been honing his fantasy skills since age 12. Opponents will be relieved to hear that Leroy admits there’s “a lot of luck involved” when it comes to winning. But keep your eyes peeled if he picks up a ball. The former senior accountant at Funny or Die savors psychological sporting moments — like when pitchers make batters flinch at curveballs, or when quarterbacks look off the safety to manipulate coverage. But Leroy enjoys cerebral off-pitch games like Settlers of Catan and poker too, and he’s been known to kick back to John Oliver and Big Brother and admits that his inner nerd is partial to Pokémon. 

    Baseball Hall of Fame fantasies aside, Leroy aims to become a CFO and Bay Area Yappie, and he says life would be far more complete if he could travel more, learn to play piano and cheer one of his favorite sports teams — Oakland Raiders, Oakland A’s or San Jose Sharks — to a championship win at some point in his lifetime.

    For as physically fit as Leroy must be to enjoy all these sports, he’s not the healthiest eater. Sure, he’s a self-described “foodie,” but when asked for his favorites, he lists packet meals like Ramen and takeaways — lots of takeaways. He figures you can’t go wrong with a double-double and a side of animal fries — and he has the photos to prove it. He regularly takes snaps of his dinners and posts them on social. “When in doubt. In-N-Out,” he jokes. But don’t worry, he’s done the math; he knows that eventually he’ll have to learn how to cook.

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