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Brash political insights, savvy advice, and incisive commentary. Think of it as the Op-Ed page for the Change Generation.

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Think of it as the Op-Ed page for the Change Generation. It’s OZY’s C-Notes

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The C-Note is a look at what’s on OZY founder Carlos Watson’s mind, be it a brash political insight, savvy advice, or a fearless look at ideas we’ll only admit to ourselves in our darker moments. Carlos will also hand over the reins to guest contributors who offer incisive commentary.

Here’s what else you’ll find on OZY, told in text, pictures and video:


We take a look at the numbers and tell you where they add up and, even more importantly, where they don’t. Acumen is eye-opening facts presented in digestible data using infographics, animated slideshows and even video to bring the numbers to life.


In Fast Forward OZY brings you compelling new trends and breakthrough thinking in science, technology, business, politics and culture. It’s futurism at its best.


Remember when? Well if you don’t, you’d better, as the saying goes. Whether it’s a quick hit of historical culture cool or a reconsideration of how we previously saw the future from the past, we’ll make you better prepared to vault forward by considering in full how things used to be.


Sometimes stylish, sometimes irrational, but always lustful, Good Sh*t brings you quick reports to quench your global search for the next must-have, must-do thing. If you’d want to drink it, eat it, wear it, ride it, or drive it, if it’d be cool to see, listen to or do, we’re writing about it. This section covers the stuff that we know everybody is going to think is great tomorrow.


At the end of this hearty meal, you’ll be ready for some dessert, and that’s Performance. Often anchored by a must-see piece of video, we’ll showcase speakers, singers, actors, dancers, musicians, athletes and all manner of exceptional humans who will raise your spirit and even inspire you to share your own talents. If you want to eat dessert first, or maybe dessert all by itself, go right ahead – we’ll still respect you.


The PDB is the OZY take on what the most powerful person in the world gets with their morning coffee. Even if you read nothing else during the day, it aims to send you out the door better prepared than if you had read everything else. We summarize the day’s top stories in one place and synthesize what happened, why it matters and what’s next, drawing on a broad array of global sources.

Updated selectively during the newsday, the PDB is also available in convenient daily email updates, perfect for a quick read on your phone or tablet.


Not unlike some of the best parties you’ve ever been to: equal parts naughty and enlightening, and always worth discussing for days afterwards. This is the place to hash out the things that we’re not really supposed to talk about, but want to anyway. It won’t be all nicely smoothed edges and faux politesse, nor will it be an echo chamber of coarse views. We’ll lay out the issues and bring you voices from people on the street weighing in and often twisting it around – be ready to chime in with your own trenchant comments.


This section introduces you to people who are accelerating our culture and advancing the conversation – for good or for ill. Our profiles will be of people you probably haven’t heard of yet – but that everyone will eventually. And even if you’re already clued in to what they’re all about, OZY will bring you a fresh perspective on why their star is rising.

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