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Favorite Mistake

Ron Conway + His Blown Billions

Why you should care

Because sometimes even the best of us miss a big opportunity.

Ron Conway

In Part One of his OZY interview, Ron Conway, one of Silicon Valley’s best-known Angel Investors, talked about how to screw up a pitch. In Part Two, Conway talks about the investment he most regrets passing on and how another investment went from near-shutdown to big money in a matter of days.

Conway placed winning bets in the early days of start-ups such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal and Pinterest. His firm continues to focus exclusively on online companies, arguing that “software is eating the world.” OZY is proud to be among his current crop of investments.

As a bonus, see the below clip on whether Conway believes start-ups like WhatsApp are really worth more than companies like Delta.

Money in the Valley

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